Monday, December 31, 2012

After two days off, one scheduled and yesterday because of being sick I was eager to work today.
Tough time breathing, but did what was called for minus the last movement.

Squats and deads

Squat: 5 warms, 305/2 325/3.3.3
Deads:  3 warms, 315/2 335/1 350/1,1,3

Friday, December 28, 2012

Back and shoulders:

Nice workout today with a great pump and the focus on the OHP is moving forward nicely.

Lat pulldown underhand:  3 warms, 135/8 147/8.12
Bent over row OH: 2 warm,s 195/6,6,8  135/20
PIP:  1 warm, 130/13,14
Stand OHP: 3 warms, 150/2 160/2,2,3
1 arm upright row: 2 warms, 50/10 55/12
10 min cooldown

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Legs, deload on squats.

Squat: 4 warms 265/5,5,5
RSLDL" 3 warms, 265/5 285/5,5,5
Front Squat: 2 warms, 195/6,8
10 min cooldown.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chest and arms

Flat bench.   4 warms 215x3 240x2 250x2, 2, 3
Dips.  2chains x8 4chans x8, 9,
Flat db. 75x11, 11, 10. 65×12
Bar curl.  2 warms 90x8.8, 10
Tricep press.  2 warms 80x8, 8,
Db curl ss with db ext.  2x

Monday, December 24, 2012


Test out on sqauts. 
Happy with the results and video'd the last set to make sure my depth is good.

Squat: 4 warms 275/3 315/2 345/1 365/1 375/1 385/1
Dead lifts: 3 warms, 315/2 335/2,2,3
Hack squat: 2 warms 190/8,12


Back and shoulders

Lat pulldown under: 3 warms, 135/8 145/8,8
Bent over row, OH: 2 warms, 185/6 195/6,7 drop set
PIP downs: 120/13,14,14
Stand OHP: 3 warms, 140/3 150/3,3,3
1 arm db upright row: 2 warms, 45/10,12

Friday, December 21, 2012


Wasnt going to train today but f it.   So I will rest tomorrow.

Squat:  4 warms, 275/3 315/2 340/2,2,2
RSLD:  3 warms, 255/5 275/5,5
Front squat:  2 warms 185/6,8
10 min cool down.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chest and arms:

Start of the new round and it went well.

Flat bench: 4 warms, 210/3 230/3 240/3,3,3
Chest dips: 2 warms 4chains/8,9
Flat db press: 75/8,7 65/11,10
Bar curl: 2 warms, 85/8,8,10
Tri pressdown: 2 warms, 75/8,8,10
Stand db curl ss
with Ly db ext: 2x

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back and shoulders.

Nice gains and deload for OHP

Lat pulldown wide: 3 warms, 135/8 145/8 150/9 drop set
Bent over row: 2 warms, 195/6 215/7,9  155/18
Rope pulldown: 100/12,14,13,12
Stand OHP: 3 warms 125/5,12
Side lateral: 2 warms, 35/8,11,10
10 min cooldown

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Start of a new wave and routine..


Squat: 4 warms, 275/3 300/3 320/3,3,3
Deadlifts: 2 warms, 275/3  315/3,3,3
Hack Squat: 2 warm, 180/8,12
10 min cooldown.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Deload Squat day:

Squat: 4 warms, 245/5,5,10
RSLD: 2 warms, 225/5 245/5 265/5,5 drop set
Bar lunge: 2 warms, 135/6,10
10 min cooldown.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chest and arms, deload on the flat pressing.

Flat bench: 3 warms 185/5 195/15
In db press: 2 warms, 90/9,8  75/12
Slight in db fly: 1 warm 50/10,11
In db curl: 2 warms, 40/5 45/5 50/6
Rope pressdown: 2 warms, 50/5 55/5 60/9
Db curl ss
with Db kb: 2 x
10 min cooldown

Friday, December 14, 2012

Leg training.

Test out on squats and progressed nicely...

Squat: 5 warms, 285/3 325/2 355/1 370/1 380/1  drop set
Trap bar deads: 2 warms 275/10,10,12,12
Bar lunges: 95/10,12

10 min cooldown

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Back and shoulders:

Test out for the shoulder over head press.  Happy with the progress

Lat pulldown wide: 3 warms, 135/8 145/8 150/9 120/12
Bent over row: 2 warms, 205/6,8,9  155/15
Rope pulldown: 100/12,13,13,11
Stend OHP: 3 warms, 145/3 160/1 175/1.1
Side lateral: 2 warms, 35/10 40/10  double drop set
10 min cooldown.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Felt good after a number of warm up.  Hitting my stride.

Squat: 4 warms, 265/3 295/3 315/3,3,3
RSLD: 3 warms, 205/5 225/5 245/5,5
10 min cooldown.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Chest and arms:

Very happy to test out and hit 275 for a single, and it wasnt too hard.

Flat bench: 4 warms, 225/3 245/2 255/1 265/1 275/1  225/8
In db press: 2 warms, 95/8,6 drop set
Slight in db fly: 50/10,11,10
In db curl: 2 warms, 40/8 45/8,8
Bar ext: 2 warms 75/8 80/8,8
Cable curl ss
with Rope pressdown: 2 x
10 min cool down

12/9  off day



Start of a new round and was comfortable with it after straining my rib earlier int he week.
But will be taking it easy on deads until healed.

Squat:  4 warms, 265/5 285/6 295/5,6
Deads:  5 sets of lighter weight and higher reps.
Bar lunge: 2 warms, 145/6,8
10 min cool.

Friday, December 07, 2012


Back and Shoulders: 

Lat pulldown wide: 3 warms, 145/8,8,8  drop set
Bent over row: 3 warms, 175/9 195/8,8  drop set
Rope pulldown:  1 warm, 110/10,11,10
Stand OHP:  3 warms, 140/3 150/3,5  drop set
Side lateral: 2 warms, 37/10,10,10  drop set
10 min cooldown



Squat: 4 warms, 235/5,10
Bar split squat: 2 warms, 140/8,10
Trap bar deads: 2 warm, 275/8,15
10 min cooldown

Thursday, December 06, 2012


Chest and arms

Flat bench: 4 warms, 205/2 225/2 245/3,3
In db press: 2 warms, 90/8,8 drop set
Slight in db fly: 47/12,12,12
In db curl: 2 warms, 40/8 42/8,8
Ly Tri bar ext: 2 warms, 70/8,7 drop set
Cable curl ss
with Rope pressdown: 2 x
10 mn cooldown



Monday, December 03, 2012


Back and shoulders

Lat pulldown wide: 3 warms, 140/8,8,11
Bent over row: 2 warms, 175/8,8,15
Rope pulldown: 1 warm, 110/10 120/8 drop set
Stand OHP: 3 warms, 140/5,6
Side lateral: 2 warms, 35/10,10,12

10 min cooldwon


Squat: 4 warms, 315/1 335/1 355/1 365/1,1
Deadlifts: 3 warms, 315/3 335/3,5
Bar lunges: 2 warm, 140/6,8

10 min cooldown

Friday, November 30, 2012

My new 3 day split, with increased frequency on squats.

Squat:  4 warms ups, 255/5 275/5 285/5,6
Deads: 2 warms,  275/5 295/5 315/5,5
Bar lunges: 2 warms 135/6,8
10 min cooldown

Chest and arms
Flat bench: 3 warms, 185/5 205/5 225/5 235/5,5
In db press: 2 warms, 90/8,6 drop set
Slight incline fly: 45/12,12,14
In db curl: 2 warms 40/8,8,8
Ly tri ext: 2 warms, 70/8,8,10
Cable curl ss
with rope pressdown: 2 x
10 min cooldown


Squat:  4 warms ups, 265/3 290/3 300/3,6.
RSLDeads: 2 warms,  205/5 225/5,10
Bar split squats: 2 warms 135/8,10
10 min cooldown

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

After two days off, hit it hard for the last two workouts...
Nailed shoulders and then quads with the test out day yesterday on the 531.  300 for the single was called
for and it was easy.  Second set I did it for 5 reps.  all gains were made on the workout.

Squat:  4 warms, 225/5 265/3 285/1 300/1,5
Leg press: 225/
Bar lunge: 2 warms, 135/6,8
Leg ext: 1 warm, 80/11,11 drop set
Calves: 7 sets
Ab work

10 min cool.down

Friday, October 26, 2012

Another great two days of training.   Hitting my stride..

Today was back and hamstrings.  And the deads are finally feeling comfortable.   All gains were made.

Deads: 4 warms, 265/3 295/3 315/3,8
Close pulldown: 2 warms, 127/10,10,10
Bent over row: 2 warms, 180/9,8 drop set
1 arm cable row: 50/12,13,12
Leg curl: 2 warm, 57/5,5,7  drop set
GM: 65x2
Ab work

10 min cooldown

Chest train yesterday was solid also, nice fast temp.  But it the flat presses were challenging, especially without a spotter!!

Flat press: 3 warms, 185/5 205/3 225/3 240/3,4
In db press: 1 warm, 85/10,9,9 drop set
Flat fly: 50/12,12,11
Decline pu: 2 x fail
Rope pressdown: 2 warms, 50/10,10
Bar ext: 55x2 45x2
Ab work

10 min cardio, 4 sprints.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quads and calves

Fantastic workout on the second round....   Made gains across the board...

Squat: 4 warms, 225/5 250/3 270/3 285/3,8
Leg press: 200/20,22,24,25,30
Bar lunge 2 warms, 130/6,8
Leg ext: 1 warm, 77/12,12 drop set
Donkey calf: 7 sets
Ab work

10 min cooldown.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catch up again as I finished the first round of the second wave of 531.
Nailed each workout and for the all out set did more reps than called for.

Here is the break down

Chest and triceps

Flat press: 3 warms 185/5 205/5 225/5,7
In db press: 2 warms, 85/9,7  drop set
Flat fly: 45/12,12,11
Decline pu: 2 sets to fail
Rope pressdown: 2 warms 50/10,9
Dips: 4 sets to failure
Bar ext: 45/19,15
Ab work

4 sprints on bike

Back and hams

Deads:  4 warms, 255/5 275/5 295/5,10
Close pulldown: 2 warms,  135/12,11,10
Bent over row: 2 warms, 165/8,8   drop set
1 arm cable row: 50 x 2
Leg curl: 2 warms, 55/5,5,8 drop set
Bar split squat: 65/8,10
Ab work

10 min cooldown

Delts and biceps.

Stand press: 3 warms, 110/5 120/5,10
Bar shrug: 2 warm,  205/12,12,12
Side lat: 1 warm, 30/10,10,12
Upright row cable: 50/14 60/15
Bar curl: 2 warms, 85/8,8,10
Alt db curl: 1 warm, 35/8,11 drop set
Ab work

4 sprints on bike

Friday, October 19, 2012

Little catch up time.

This past week was the deload week on the first wave of the 531.  Pretty much followed it but on the last set, I went to failure.  The rest of the training was solid even though I was fighting a head cold.
Yesterday was a planned off day, and today just nailed my quads.  So it was onto the second wave for the 531, and handled the 5's nicely for the squat.  Tomorrow is another day off for the fact of going to watch a bb show..

Squat: 4 warms, 225/5 255/5 270/5,8
Leg press: 180/20,20,20,20,30
Bar lunge: 2 warms, 125/6,8
Leg ext: 1 warm 75/12,12 drop set
Donkey Calve work: 6 sets
Low ab work: 4 sets

10 min cooldown.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Last two workouts were nailed.
Both test outs for the 531 for bench and deads..

For the chest workout, I was able to do the 240 for the called for single and the second all out set was for a good 4 reps.  Not to mention, no spot, so I am cautious.

Today I bang out the deads and progressing nicely.
Did the single with 320 and the second set did a solid 7 reps.
For kicks I burned out 225 for 25 reps and then finished off the workout nicely.

Coming along steady and slowly..,

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Quads and calves workout:

For test out for the 531 on the squat and nailed it.
290 for a single was called for.  Did the first single with ease and the second all out set did 6 good reps.
Rest of the workout was killer with solid energy.  In a good place.

Squat: 4 warms, 225/5 260/3 275/1 290/1,6
1 let leg press: 2 warms  175/10,12
Leg press: 270/15,15
Leg ext: 2 warms, 85/10,10 drop
Squat wide: 135/12, 12
calf work: 5 sets

10 min cooldown.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Delts and biceps workout:

Did what was called for and more.  Nice tempo and ran right through this workout. 
Will keep some type of shrugs in all workout moving forward for the fact of bringing up my traps which
are lacking.. Standing press was still easy as I started too light on the 531 but will adjust next wave.

Stand bar press: 3 warms, 115/3,11
Db shrug: 2 warms, 90/12,12,16
Side lateral up/downs: 3x
Rear delt raise ss
with Bar shrug: 2x
Incline Db curl: 2 warms, 37/8,8,8
Cable curl: 1 warm, 52/10,11
Con curl: 25/12,14
Ab work

4 x 20 sec sprints.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Early morning back and hammie workout.
Little tough getting going with the deads, but did what was called for and give me more
energy through out the workout.  Happy with numbers although I am about 100 pounds off! lol

Deads:  4 warms, 265/3 285/3 305/3,5
Lat under: 2 warms, 127/10,11,10
1 arm row: 2 warms, 80/12,11
Rope pulldown ss
with pullover: 3x
Leg Curl: 1 warm, 47/8,8,8 drop set
Deads: 135/15,15

10 min cooldown

Friday, October 05, 2012

Chest and triceps: 

Moving on nicely and even though I may have started high on the 531 for bench, still got it done.
Nice tempo and pump.  Tomorrow looks to be a rest day and then back at it Sunday.

Flat bench: 4 warms, 205/3 220/3 230/3,5
Chest dips: 2 warms, 3chains/10,9
Slight in db press: 75/10,9 65/10,11 drop set
Db fly: 40/15,15
Tri pressdown: 2 warms, 72/10,10
Db ext: 30/8 25/9 20/12,12
1 arm press: 15x2
Ab work

10 min hitt, 4 sprints
Quads and calves workout:

Start of the second round (reps of 3) of the first wave of 531 and it was a great workout all in all.  Made gains on each movement and the squat was not too hard.  Excited to press on and pushed out more on the secondary movements..

Squat: 4 warms, 225/5 245/3 260/3 275/3,5
1 leg leg press: 2 warms, 145/12,14
Wall ball squat: 2 warms, 50/15,20
Leg ext: 1 warm, 75/11,10 drop set
calf work: 6 sets

10 min cooldown.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

After two planned off days, the last two workouts have been solid.
I started the 531 and the numbers for each the bench and deads are just about right.
The focus is not to struggle too much and move the weight to build momentum.

For the chest and triceps, I used 215 and did it for sets of 5 and 7.
Today I trained back and hams.  Add a little more volume in hopes to bring up the thickness.
But for the deads the first round called for 285, and did 5 and 8 reps...

Looking forward to progress.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Quads and calves:

Really solid workout today even though it was tough to get moving.  Sleep over the last few days has not been the greatest, and really dont know why.  Regardless, I pulled through and did what was called for on the start of the 531.  In addition, the new round of movements did me in good..

Squat:  4 warms, 225/5 245/5 260/5,8
1 leg-leg press: 2 warms, 140/10,12
Leg ext: 1 warm, 75/13,11,12
Wall ball squat: 80/10,12,15,15
Calf work: 6 sets

10 min cooldown

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Solid last two days of training.  I mixed up the exercises that were on tap, just for kicks.  Each were solid.
The highlight was doing singles with deads and not hurting myself.

Excited to start a new round of my 4 day split, and to start the strength rep program of the 531.  I really like this scheme for the fact it simple and productive.

Stay tuned..

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chest and triceps

Just mixed it up today because I felt like it, lol.  Although I switch out a couple of movements
and strength is was solid with a great pump.

Flat db press: sets of 10 reps from 35 to 95 then drop
Incline db fly: sets of 10 reps from 40 to 55
Flat bench: 135/14,12, 12,11
Rack pu: 2 sets to failure
Reverse pressdown: 1 warm, 50/12, 55/9 drop set
Ly bar ext: 45/9,8 drop set
1 arm rope: 15 x2
Ab work

15 min cardio

Monday, September 24, 2012

Quads and calves:

Sometimes the best workouts are when you dont know what you are doing.
I added wrong and did more weight than scheduled.  Nailed it regardless.

Squat: 4 warms, 250/3 275/3 295/3,3,3 140/20
Leg ext: 2 warms, 90/10,11 drop set
Front squat: 2 warms, 145/5 165/5,5
Sissy squat: 2 x failure
Calf workout: 100 reps
Ab work

10 min cooldown.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Back and hamstring workout:

Hitting a groove now and feeling fine.  With the current progress, hoping to do 400 for reps by the new year, and that will be where I once was at before my last contest. . 
Time will tell and will pace myself   I also added a rest drop set for 20 reps.  I will inch this up also.

Deads: 4 warms, 245/3 265/3 285/3.10  drop 135/20
Chin ups: 4 sets to fail
Db bent over row: 2 warms, 70/10,11
PIP: 115/12,11,12  drop set
Leg curl: 2 warm, 50/8,8 40/10

10 min cooldown

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chest and triceps workout:

Went off course a tad bit for kicks.  I used a higher rep scheme and tad more volume.Although I didnt move as much weight, still got a great pump and burn on the chest.  Felt on point..

Flat db press: 2 warms, 85/8,13, 12
Slight incline bench: 135/10,14,14,13
In db press: 65/12,11,10,11
Rack push ups: 3 x to fail
Reverse pressdown: 1 warm, 55/10,10,11
Close db press: 50/10,10, 45/12,11
1 arm rope: 15x2
Ab work

15 min cardio

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quads and calves workout:

Straight up killed it today. I spread out the weights a bit more on the squats and handled it will.
Slow and steady is the motto, and its working. Also threw in a rested drop set and will focus on 20 rep set. Finished the training with a ss and flat out wiped me out..

Squat: 4 warms, 240/3 265/3 280/3,5 135/20
Leg ext: 2 warms, 87/12,11
Front squat: 2 warms, 135/5 155/5,10
Sumo db squat ss
with sissy: 2x
calf work: 100 reps

10 nin cooldown.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shoulder and biceps workout:

Did what needed to be done and hit my goal weights.
Feeling stronger with each workout and eager to see how I progress

Stand barbell press: 3 warms 125/8,8,8,
Upright row db: 2 warms, 45/8,10,11
Front raise plate
ss with side lateral 3x
1 arm cable curl: 2 warms, 27/10,11
Barbell curl ss
with alt db curl: 3x

15 min cardio

Monday, September 17, 2012

After two days of rest, I was eager to go.

Starting to creep up in weight for the deads and just being patient.
But what is cool the small increases in weight are allowing each dead lift session to be not as
taxing. If that makes sense? Although, the last set I am going 10 reps. Also, starting to spread the sets out a bit more. All gains were made.

Deads: 4 warms, 235/3 255/3 270/3,10
Chin ups: 4 sets to failure
Db bent over row: 2 warms, 65/10,12
PIP: 110/12,14,14
Leg curl: 1 warm, 47/8,8,8 drop set

10 min cooldown.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Chest and triceps.

Gains are good.  Made some progress from the last workout and I was pleasantly surprised.
On a roll and recently getting some clarification on my future plans.  Over the next couple of months, I will know for sure.  During my last prep, I learned a lot to better myself, and the recovery period was quite long.  But over the last month or so, the focus is back!  All in all, feeling great.

Flat db press: 3 warms 95/8,8,8
Slight in db press: 1 warm, 85/10,8 drop set
Flat bar plus chains: 135/10 145/10,10,9
rack pu's: 2 x
Reverse pressdown: 2 warms 55/10,9
Close db press: 50.10,12,11
1 arm rope pressdown: 15x2

15 min cardio


Most likely will be a rest day as we having some functions to attend, but its cool for the fact of hitting it hard for the past 5 days.  The next workout will be deads, and looking forward to it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Quads and calves..

Nicely moving along with the small increases on the squats.
Little bit faster tempo for kicks, but handled what was needed to be done.
Even the front squats were good, but holding back a little bit..

Squat: 4 warms, 235/3 255/3,3,8
Leg ext: 2 warms, 87/11,10
Front squat: 2 warms, 125/5 145/5,10
Sissy squat: 1 warm, 2chains/25,25
Calf: 100s

10 min cooldown.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Shoulder and biceps workout:

Feeling good and strong.  Nice start to the round and eager to move more weight next time.
I did upright rows using db's for really the first time.  Awesome feel to it and no pressure on the elbows.
The range of motion was improved.

Stand bar press: 3 warms, 125/7,7,7
Db upright row: 2 warm, 40/11,10,10
Front raise plate ss
with side lateral:  3x
1 arm cable curl: 2 warms, 25/12,10
Barbell curl: 1 warms 75/8,8,8 drop set
Alt hammer curl: 30/10 35/10

15 min cardio

Back and hammies:

Proud to say the back pain is almost gone. Even though feeling better, still going to take it slowly so I dont take any steps backwards. The deads felt good and strong, and not too hard. Doinglenty of warm up sets help and it felt good to push the last workout set. Baby steps, lol
Rest of the workout was solid and has some great starting weights.

Deads: 4 warm, 225/5 245/3,3,10
Chin ups: 4 set to failure
Db bent over row: 2 warms, 60/12,14
Lat pulldown pip: 100/14,12,13
Leg curls: 2 warms, 50/8,8,9

10 min cooldown.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Rest day yesterday after training 6 days straight.
Today nailed chest and refreshed with the new round.

Flat db press: 3 warms 90/8,9,8
Slight in db press: 75/10 80/9,9 drop set
Flat bar chains: 135 with chains/10,12,11,10
Rack pu's: 2 sets to failure
Reverse pressdown: 2 warm, 55/9,9
Close db press: 50/10,12,11,10
1 arm rope pressdown: 15/12,10

15 min cardio.

Side note: Time to tighten the diet up and focus on doing a slow body fat reduction.

Sunday, September 09, 2012


Quads and calves:

New round and almost over the hump with this back issue.
Although, still using relatively light weight for me, but a good sign of progression.
And even better, that I am not in any pain the next day as I write this.
Finally hitting my stride and looking forward to reaching the numbers I did before my prep.

Squat: 4 warms, 225/3 245/3,3,8
Leg ext: 2warms, 85/13 90/10
Front squat: 2 warms, 115/5 135/5,10
Sissy squat: 2 warms, 2chains/25,30
Calf work: 100 reps scheme.

10 min cardio cool down.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Solid last two days of training.

Yesterday nailed chest, and happy to hit 225 for 3 triples on the incline. The rest of the working was solid as I used a slight higher rep scheme.

Today on 4 hours of sleep I trained back and hamstrings.  Mixed it up but the deads went well. Reset with lighter weight, and doing triples.  Hoping the make the gains week to week

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Quick recap.

Train the last two days after two plan off days...
Yesterday was shoulders and biceps and today was quads.  The good news is that the squatting progressed nicely and actually was feeling not to bad.  I still only plan to add 10 pounds each time until I need to mix things up...

Friday, August 31, 2012

Back and hamstring workouts:

Feeling good going in, but the low back didnt agree with it after the first workout set for deads.
Moving forward, I plan to continue but to reset with lighter weight and using a higher rep scheme, but still to failure.
The rest of the workout was spot on...

Deads: strained back.
Close pulldown: 2 warms, 155/8,8 drop set
Bent over row OH: 2 warms, 145/10 155/12, 13
1 arm pulldown: 55/10,12,12
Leg curl: 2 warms, 60/5,5 50/8 drop set

10 min cool down.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Chest and triceps workout:

Fantastic wo today and with the cooler weather approaching, I can feel it!!
Made solid gains throughout..

Slight incline bench: 3 warms, 185/5 205/5 215/5,5 drop set
In db press: 2 warm, 90/8,6 drop set
Db fly: 1 warm, 50/11,10
Push ups: 2 sets to failure
Rope pressdown: 2 warms, 50/8.8 drop set
Tri dips: 4 sets to fail

10 min cool

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Slow and steady, and a gain is a gain. Taking it easy, the squats are increase a little at a time. And if I continue to hit my numbers even at 10 pound increases per workout, I will be happy.

Squat: 5 warms, 195/5 215/3,3,10
Let press: 2 warms, 370/15,16,15
Bar lunge: 2 warms, 135/6,8
Leg ext: 1 warm, 70/10,11,10
Calf work: 8 sets

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Shoulder and biceps.

Gains across the boards and the energy was high. I have a feeling the fall and winter are going to be great training times..... pushing forward to making improvements. The one change to the training, is doing a few more reps. I am a fan of the lower schemes for the fact of lifting heavier weight. But with age and injuries, listening to the body becomes just as important. Eager to see the results.

Side lateral: 3 warms, 37/6 42/6,6,7
Rear delt raise ss 25 30 32 32
with shrug: 155 175 185 185
Seated db press: 1 warm, 65/12,11 drop set
Barbell curl: 2 warm, 95/8 115/6,6,8
Alt db curl: 1 warm, 40/8,9 drop set

10 min cooldown.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back at it after a few days off. If you didnt know I promoted a show this past weekend and took a lot out of me, but hit it hard today and nothing will be in the way now.
Although feeling good, the lower back still has issues. I made a slight increase on the deads, but for some odd reason when releasing the weight, I am getting these sharp pains. My mind says yes, but the body says no, lol. All other movements were up though.

Deads: 4 warms, 225/5 275/5 285/3,6
Close pulldown: 2 warm, 140/10 150/10,8
Bent over row OH: 2 warms, 140/10,12
1 arm pulldown: 55/10,12
Leg curl: 2 warms, 57/5,5,6 drop set
Split squat: 1 warm, 105/12

10 min cooldown

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Quads and calves workout:

First good to lead of with regular squats. Although get the weight in place still does cause pain to eh lower back, the actual movement does not. Progression for sure, but slowly. The weight I used was not hard on the legs, but hoping to slowly increase and keep it going. The rest of the workout, I wrecked it up.. awesome pump and burn.

Squat: 3 warms, 205/3,3,8
Leg press: 2 warms, 360/15,15,15
Bar lunge: 2 warms, 125/6,8
Leg ext: 1 warm 70/12,12,13
Calf work: 5 sets

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Shoulder and biceps workout:

Solid training with room to improve....

Side lateral: 3 warms 40/6,6,7
Rear delt raise ss 20 25 30 30
with shrug: 135 155 175
Db seated press: 1 warm, 65/10,12
Barbell curl: 3 warms, 105/6,6,6
Alt db cur; 1 warm, 40/8,9
1 arm preacher: 25/12,11

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

After two days off, had two great workouts with the new split.

Chest and triceps:

Slight in bench: 3 warms, 185/5 205/5 210/5,6
In db press: 2 warms, 85/9,9
Flat db fly: 1 warm, 50/10,12
Push up: 2 set to failure
Rope pressdown: 2 warms, 50/7,7 drop set
Dips: 4 sets to failure.

15 min cardio

Back and hams:

Deads: 4 warms, 225/5 275/5,5,5
Lat pulldown cose: 2 warms, 130/10 145/9,9
Bent over row OH: 2 warms, 135/12,13
1 arm cable row: 50/10,12
Leg curl: 2 warms, 55/5,5,6
Barbell split squat: 96/8,10

All in all a nice start and really taking it easy with the deads. I can say I walked away with just a slight twinge after doing them, but the weight was not too hard. I plan to make small increases..

Friday, August 17, 2012

Little summary!

Been busy with show promotion and organizing so I have had the time to blog my workouts.
Although the past week the training has been great and gains are made, I do log everything on a spreedsheet here in the gym. I just havent taken the time to put them up on this blog...
Just one more week till the show, and once that is completed I plan on introducing a couple of new ideas to the public I have been wanting to do and share.

All in all, things are moving along nicely!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Missed a few workouts, but here and doing well.
Getting it done and on the last round of the first rotation for this 4 days split.
The lower back is slightly improving. Within the same week, I did some light deads and squats and walk away feeling ok... I can see myself bring them both back sooner then later.
Training chest and triceps tomorrow, and will post the work out.

Thursday, August 09, 2012


Day off yesterday, and today whacked my chest and triceps. Really had some nice gains, and foresee the strength to continue to climb. Chest strength is just about to the point to pre diet mode.

Chest and triceps:

Flat bench: 3 warms, 185/5 205/5 220/5,6,7
Chest dips: 2 warms, 4 chains/8,8
Slight in db press ss: 75x3
Db fly: 40x3
Tricep pressdown: 2 warms, 75/8,8,8
Bar ext ss
with db kb: 3 x

20 min cardio

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Quads and calves:

And the weights and intensity keep on rising! Well rested workout and did a few extra sets.
Why, because I felt like it... Things are coming along and feeling better with the lower back.
Hoping in a month or so, I can get back to squating again.

Leg Ext: 2 warms, 80/12,12
Hack squat: 3 warms, 225/6,8,8 drop set
Sumo db squat: 1 warm, 145/10,15,15 drop set
Step db lunge ss
with Sissy squat: 3 x
calf work: 100 reps

10 min cardio cooldown

Monday, August 06, 2012


Shoulder and biceps workout:

Straight up killed it today. Some nice soreness in both the back and hammies from yesterdays workout, but the lower back felt fine. All gains for the movements in the workout, as micro loading is providing to be a good practice.

High in db press: 3 warms 80/6 90/8,8
Side lateral up/downs: 4 x
Db shrug ss
with front raise: 3 x
Incline db curl: 2 warms, 37/6 42/7,7
Rope curl ss
with con curl: 3 x

20 min cardio

Sunday, August 05, 2012


After two days off from weight training, the first was planned and the second off day was not, I was eager to get it going. Hammered my back and hams this time around, and it was a great workout. I switched out the t bar for bench rows to protect the low back. And in doing so, doing the stiff legs were not to bad on the low back. All in all a fantastic pump and made some gains from last round.

Back and hams:

Db bench row: 3 warms 85/6 90/8,9
Lat pulldown under: 2 warms, 145/9,9 drop set
Db bent over row ss
with Rope pulldown: 3 x
RSLDL: 3 warms, 185/6 205/6 215/6,9
Db leg curl: 2 warms 65/6,7
Leg curl: 40/10,9

20 min cardio

Thursday, August 02, 2012


Chest and triceps workout:

With my quads screaming at me, I knew I did good yesterday. Onto the chest workout, and my pressing continues to increase nicely. Still not pushing to complete failure, but the slow gains is giving me momentum in hopes of hitting recent bests. Felt nice and full post workout.

Flat bench: 3 warms 185/5 205/5 215/5,6,6
Chest dips: 2 warms, 3 chains/9,9
Slight in db press ss: 75 x 3
with fly: 40 x 3
Tricep pressdown: 2 warms, 72/8,9,10
Db ext: 3 giant sets

20 min cardio

Tomorrow will be an off day, planning on doing HIIT cardio

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Quads and calves workout:

Feeling off going into the workout and this time I can blame my sinuses. The stuffy head thing was going on with a headache. Oddly enough, I can tell when it will rain, and as I type this, it is pouring outside. Ok, on to the workout. Even with my head issues, lol, the workout was solid and made increases all around from last round. And the good news, the back wasn't bothering as much.. The pump by the end was extreme and very tight..

Leg ext: 2 warms, 75/12,14
Hack squat: 3 warms, 215/6,10,8
Sumo db squat: 2 warms 140/12,15
Step lunge ss
with sissy squat: 3 x
Calf work: 100 reps

no cardio cooldown.

Delt and biceps:

Great workout and did what needed to be done.

High in db press: 3 warms, 75/6 85/7,8
Side lateral up and downs: 4 giant sets
Db shrugs ss
with Front raise: 3 sets
In db curl: 2 warm, 35/6 40/7,7
Rope curl ss
with con curl: 3 x

20 min cardio

Monday, July 30, 2012


Back and hammy workout:

With the low back issue I was careful for this workout. I havent done t bars in a long time,
and although I really kept it light the pump was solid. The problem with these type of movements are simply stabilizing. The weight is not hard but holding the position is... so lets hope small increments will work. Same applies to the stiff leg deads. Baby steps are in order! lol

T bar rows: 3 warms, 100/6 110/6,12
Lat pull under: 2 warms, 140/9 145/9
1 arm db row ss
with rope pulldown: 3 sets
RSLDL: 3 warms, 165/6 185/6,9
Db leg curl: 2 warm, 55/10,10
Leg curl: 40/10,9

20 min cardio.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Chest and triceps workout:

Little tired pre workout, but got the blood going and finished up strong.
Decent amount of volume and may add a couple of more sets next time out for this one.
Tomorrow is an off day, but planning on doing some sprints before the day gets going.

Flat press: 3 warms, 185/5 205/5 210/5,6,6
Chest dips: 2 warms, 3 chains/8,7
Slight in db press ss
with db fly: 3 sets
Tricep pressdown: 2 warms, 70/8,8,10
1 arm pressdown: 15/10,12
Db ext: 20/14,13

20 min cardio

Friday, July 27, 2012


Quads and calves workout:

Back to the 4 day split and lead off with a really great workout. I manage to do a good combo of movements that didn't cause any back pain. So happy with it and the starting numbers. Content on using the hack squat until I am ready to squat again. Very effective and the freshness is motivating. I have room to improve so eager to see what will happen during the up coming weeks.

Leg ext: 2 warms, 70/14,14
Hack squat: 3 warms, 205/6,6,10
Sumo db squat: 2 warms 125/15, 19
Walk db lunge: 1 warm, 55/6 60/6
Calf work: 100 reps

15 min cardio.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Bicep and back workout:

So this is the second back workout of the round but I lead off with biceps to pre exhaust and put more focus on the back.
This workout was solid and brought a great pump to the biceps which then lead to a nice back focus. Fast tempo and to the point!

After some thought though, I will be going back to an old main stay routine of mine, and do a 4 day split. Change is good as I havnet done this split for well over a year...

Barbell curl: 2 warms, 85/8 95/6,8 drop set
Alt db curl: 1 warm 40/8,9,8 burn out set
Chin ups: 4 sets to failure
Rack pull ups: 3 sets
Floor rows: 40/15,14,14

20 min cardio

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Delt and triceps workout:

Little slow moving, but after a couple of sets and the blood moving, the workout was great.
All increases for the movements, and at a nice tempo.
Finished the delts up with my floor raises exercise. This burned em up nicely..
The ticeps were also hammered and doing the simple close stance pu was a good closer.

Db press: 3 warms, 75/9,8,8
1 arm side lateral: 2 warms, 37/10,10
Bar shrug: 2 warms, 175/19,17
Floor raises: 15 for 2 sets
Rope ext: 2 warms, 50/10,9 drop set
Db ext: 30/9 25/10 20/12,12
close pu: 2 sets to fail

20 min cardio

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Back and calves:

Lead off with bent over rows and slow going for the fact of the back pain. I think I will need to re-evaluate the plan to let this thing heal. Regardless, pushed through and it was a solid workout.
Couple changes to occur, I will try to rest after three days of training, hiit cardio only on the 4th day. And I think I have a new goal for next year.

Bent over row OH: 3 warms, 185/6 195/6,8 drop set
Lat pulldown under: 2 warm 140/10,9 drop set
1 arm db rows: 1 warm, 75/12,14
Lat pulldown wide: 110/12,10 100/11,10
Calf work: 8 sets

20 min cardio


HIIT cardio, 30 min, 10 sprints.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chest and abs:
Felt great this morning and the workout showed. The strength is coming back nicely, and
making solid progress. Moving forward, I think I will schedule more days off for recovery, but will be instinctive.
Flat bench: 4 warms, 195/5 205/5,5,9
Slight in db press: 2 warms, 85/11,10
Flat db fly: 50/12,12,10
Push up: 3 sets to failure
Ab work: Hanging leg raise ss w/ball crunch, 4 x
20 min cardio.

Saturday, July 21, 2012



Made gains on all movements, but the lower back still giving me issues. The legs want to go, but the back says no. Its really only on the squats where I am being held back. I did use a belt on the last squat sets which helped a lot. Its just a tightness that need to relax. Hoping in time.

Squat: 3 warms, 165/5 185/5,5,12
SLDL: 3 warms, 185/5 205/5,10
Hack squat: 2 warms, 190/8,12
Leg curl: 2 warms, 52/8,8
BB split squat: 2 warms, 115/8,10

15 min cardio

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Feeking really beat today. Not sure what exactly, but most likely a combo of weather, sinus and overcoming this cold. Times like these I gut it up and just train, and not care about how much weight I move. Today was the second chest wo for the round and triceps.
So for kicks I lead off with triceps, and they were pre fatigue letting the chest do most of the workout. Very effective.

Chest and triceps.

OH Rope ext: 2 warms, 50/9,8 drop set
Ly db ext: 30/9 25/11,10 20/14
CGBP: 1 warm, 135/11,10,9
Flat db press: 1 warm, 75/12,10,11
Flat db fly: 1 warm, 50/11,10,10
CGPU: 3 sets to failure.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shoulder and bicep workout:
Another hot one here, but since I was training smaller muscle groups, wasnt so bad.
Nice set up workout for room to gain. Pump was on and it was a faster tempo..
Seated db press: 3 warms, 75/8,9 65/1 0
1 arm side lateral: 2 warm, 35/10,12
Stand rear delt raise: 1 warm, 30/12,11,11
Barbell curl: 2 warms, 80/8 90/6,8 drop set
Alt db curl: 1 warm, 40/7,8 drop set
20 min cardio

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Back and calves workout:

Boy it was hot one in the gym today and with this head cold a hard time getting started.
But after the first couple of sets with the blood flowing, all was good and had a solid workout.
Deads are coming along and taking the increases slow. Plus, doing them towards the end so a bit more challenging. Finished up strong and feeling good..

Bent over row OH: 3 warms, 175/5 185/5,8 drop set
Lat pulldown UH: 2 warms, 135/10 140/9 drop set
Deads: 3 warms, 225/5 255/5 275/5
Lat pulldown wg: 1 warm, 110/12,11,10
Calf work: 6 sets to failure.

20 min cardio

Monday, July 16, 2012


Wow, even though my leg workout was not mind blowing, I am sure very sore today.. lol
Trained chest only today and it felt pretty good, even though the gym is very hot and still fighting this nasty head cold.  I had some relief from the blood flow of the workout.  Numbers were decent and looking forward to gains.

Chest workout,

Flat bench: 4 warms,  185/5 195/5,9
Slight in db press: 2 warm, 80/10,10
Flat fly: 1 warm, 50/10,12
Pushups: 3 sets to failure
Ab work: 4 sets

15 min cardio

Sunday, July 15, 2012


After a week off from training being on vacation, was eager to get things going and keep this blog up to date. I did train on Saturday to get the blood flowing and again today with a new round of exercises. Today was leg training day. It was tough since I haven't squated in a long time due to lower back issues and fighting a head cold. But it was a start and used lighter weights to let the body adapt. The feel was solid and looking forward to moving on up. Again, the squat numbers are sad in comparison to what I have done, but the lower back is still sore. The good news is that is does not ach with the rest of the movements. I figure this will help along with dropping the post contest weight I have put on. Time to move forward...

Squat: 4 warms, 175/5,5,10
RSLDL: 3 warms, 195/5, 10
Hack squat: 2 warms, 180/8,10
Leg curl: 2 warms, 50/8,10
BB split squat: 2 warms, 115/8,10

20 min cardio

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Little lame with posting, but will get back at it.

All in all the workouts have been solid, and progressively getting stronger with each workout.
Still not squating, but plan on it for the third split of this routine.  So that will be in a few weeks.
The good news is that I am finishing up with deads on my main back workout, and they feel great.

Today will be Chest and tripeps, and then I will start the last round for this split.
Even though needed, I will be on vacation next week and it stinks since I am in a good groove.

The focus after vacation is to continue to get stronger and bring up the chest and upper back, hence, alternating the two body parts every other round but hitting them 2 x.  Then I will begin my mini cut, with the focus of losing body fat again..

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Back and biceps workout:

Fantastic back workout for the second of the week.  Nice change up of movements, and brought back an older movement of 1 arm high cable pulldowns..

Chin ups: 5 sets
Bent over row OH: 3 warms, 155/10 165/11,10 drop set
1 arm pulldown: 2 warms, 55/12,12
In db curl: 2 warms, 35/8 40/9,8
Cable curl: 1 warm, 55/10,9

22 min cardio, 8 sprints.



Hot today, but bang it out.  Straight gains..

Leg press: 3 warms, 425/10,15,15
Glute ham raise: 4 sets
Leg ext: 2 warm, 80/10,12
Leg curl: 2 warm, 50/9,8
Walk db lunges: 2 warm, 65/6 70/9

22 min cardio

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Shoulders and triceps.

Made gains from the first round.  Nice about being heavier are the pumps are crazy.. LOL
Content with the training, and feeling the difference with this split already..

Stand bar press: 3 warms, 115/6 125/8,7  drop set
Rope front raise: 2 warms, 45/11 45/10
Rear delt raise: 1 warm, 25/10,9 drop set
Db shrug: 2 warm, 85/14 95/12
Tricep pressdown: 2 warms, 72/10,10,9
Db kickback: 1 warm, 25/12,11

22 min cardio, 8 sprints.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Lost track on my post and the order, lol, but today was back day, and felt great.
The deads are slowing coming up and the lower back is ok.....  Pump was off the chains!!

Lat pulldown palms in: 3 warm, 145/8,10,10
Db bench row: 1 warm, 85/8,9,9
Lat pulldown under: 1 warm, 120/11,10,11
Deads: 3 warms, 205/8,12
calf work: 5 sets

22 min cardio

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Delt and biceps workouts:

Adding back the standing press. Ouch, it was more difficult but I started lighter on purpose.

Nice mix up of movement, and was effective.

Standing press: 3 warms, 105/6 115/8,10

Db shrug: 1 warm, 85/12,13,12

Cable front raise: 2 warm, 40/12 45/10

Rear delt raise: 1 warm, 25/10,9

In db curl: 2 warms, 30/6 35/8,9

Cable curl: 1 warm, 50/12 55/11

22 min cardio, 8 sprints.


Great leg workout and starting to dig do both quads and hams together. Made gains all around.

Leg press: 3 warms 370/15 415/15,16

Glute ham raise: 4 sets

Walking db lunge: 2 warms, 60/6 65/9

Leg ext: 1 warm, 72/12 77/11

Leg curl: 1 warm, 42/10 47/10

22 min cardio

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Shoulders and bicep workout:

Nice start to the first round of training.  Started on the lighter side on purpose but really felt it as the tempo was on the faster side. 

Standing press: 3 warms, 105/6 115/9,10
Db shrug: 1 warm, 85/12,13,13
Front raise rope: 2 warms, 40/12 45/11
Rear delt raise on bench: 2 warms, 25/9,9
In db curl: 3 warms, 35/8,10
Cable curl: 1 warm, 50/12 55/11

22 min cardio, 8 sprints.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6/17 - 19

Started the new split, and the last three workouts were great.  Great pumps, and strength is progressing nicely.  Plus, the lower back is easing up and I can see it being 100 percent soon. I actually did some light and slow deads to wrap up my back workout.  Here it is, but forgot my leg workout weights.

Leg Press:  6 sets
Glute Ham raise: 4 sets
Walking db lunge: 4 sets
Leg ext: 3 sets
Leg curl: 3 sets

22 min cardio


Flat db press: 3 warms,m 85/6 90/10,10
Slight in bar press: 2 warms, 160/8,8
Chest dips: 3 sets
In db press: 65/10,10 55/12
Ab work: 5 sets

22 min cardio 8 sprints


lat pulldown palms in: 3 warms, 140/8,10,10
Db bench row: 2 warms, 80/10,10,9
Lat pulldown underhand: 2 warms, 120/11,10 drop set
Deads: 2 warms, 155/8 175/12
Calf work: 4 sets to failure

22 min cardio

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Shoulder and tricep workout:

Finished this round on a good note, made solid gains in the movments and feeling it today, the day later..

Side lateral: 2 warms 35/8 40/8 42/8 2 drop sets
Front raise db: 1 warm, 35/8 37/8,9 drop set with plate
Barbell shrug: 2 warm,s 185/11,10  burn out set
Rope pressdown: 2 warm,s 45/9 50/7 drop set
Bar ext: 45/12,11,10
Ab work: 4 sets

22 min cardio, 8 sprints


Back and biceps workout:

More gains made, and the lower back is easing up a bit.  Still not 100 percent, but feeling not a bad.
Looking forward to starting the new round to this split.  Looking at Sunday to picking it up!1

Pull ups: 5 sets to failure
Bent over db row: 2 warms 75/10,11  drop set
Close pulldown: 2 warms 125/11,10,9
Stand db curl: 2 warms, 35/8 40/9,8  burn out sets
15's: 3 x

22 min cardio, 8 sprints.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6/11 and 6/12

Last two workouts were dead on and made some nice gains..  Pleased with the recovery from the show,but this darn back issue is a pain, no pun intended.  Just have to listen to my body and let it heal. I was careful on the bent over rows as just getting into position it was very tight...

Flat db press: 3 warms, 85/8,11,10
In bar press: 2 warms, 155/10,10
Slight in db fly: 50/12,11,11 drop set
Rack pu: 3 sets to failure
Rope crunch: 4 sets

22 min cardio, 8 sprints

Lat pulldown wide: 3 warms, 130/8,9,9
Bent over row: 2 warms, 155/11 165/10 135/15
rope pulldown: 1 warm, 120/11,10 drop set
1 arm db row incline: 75/10,12,12
Calf work: 5 sets

22 min cardio

Sunday, June 10, 2012



Nice workout today, but mixed it up a tad bit.  The lower back is still sore, and looking to make the needed adjustments moving forward..  I didnt keep track of the weights but I didnt go backwards on any of the movements in the current round..

Hack squat: 8 sets
Stiff leg db: 4 sets
Leg press: 5 sets
Leg curl: 5 sets

20 min cardio.

Friday, June 08, 2012

6/7 and 6/8

Good training the last two days especially todays chest training.  I am thinking the alternating of doing chest and back 2 x per week will pay off nicely.  Sure, time will tell, but like it so far.

Shoulder and biceps:

Side lateral: 2 warms  35/8 40/8,9 drop set
Alt db front raise: 2 warms, 35/8,9
Barbell shrug: 135/18 155/17,15
Db press: 1 warm, 60/12 65/10
Barbell curl: 2 warms, 80/8 100/8,8 drop set
Rope curl: 2 warm, 45/11,12

22 min cardio - 8 sprints

Chest and triceps:

In db press: 2 warm, 70/8 80/9 85/9,8
Flat bencjL 2 warms, 165/10,8
Slight in db press: 65/12,11,10 drop sets
Rope pressdown: 2 warm, 45.10,9 drop set
Dips: 4 sets to failure
Close db press: 50.10,11,10

22 min cadio - 8 sprints.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Back and calves workout:

Solid workout and felt good since gains were made.  The downer was the low back couldn't handle the deads this time.  So with that, I will have to alter things to let it heal.  I did a few sets of deads, but then I realized not to push it through too much.

Lat pulldown: 2 warms  115/8 127/8,10,10
Deads: 2 warms, 225/8 255/5(back hurt!)
Rope pulldown: 2 warm, 130/10,10 drop set
1 arm row incline: 2 warms, 80/15,14
Calf work: 5 sets

22 min cardio

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Chest and abs workout:

Progress is always nice!!  Gains were made and with a the faster tempo, pumps were on.
The diet is getting closer but not forcing it.  I realize that my body will take time to bounce back to 100 percent.
The only issue is my low back has been tight, and I may change the squat scheme to accommodate.

Flat db press: 2 warms, 70/8 80/8,10,10
In bench press: 2 warms, 145/10,10 drop set
Slight in db fly: 50/12 55/11,10
Rack pu: 3 sets to failure
Rope crunch: 4 sets

22 min cardio, 8 sprints.

Sunday, June 03, 2012


Back and Biceps workout:


Legs workout:

Workouts were solid but the weekend had its ups and downs.  Up's were having Ant's friend over and taking them out, but the down was our dog Lira getting sick and eventually passing away today.  Not fun.

For the the legs I simply did a lot of squats, 20 sets, 5 warm ups and 15 progressive
working sets. 

Looking forward to hitting it hard tomorrow.

Friday, June 01, 2012


Delts and triceps.

Was feeling off this morning as the body is fighting some type of cold. First thoughts were not to train, but went for it anyway.  Just slightly achy, as gains were still made.  Felt better through the training.

Side lateral: 2 warms, 32/8 37/8,10,9
Barbell shrug: 2 warms, 205/10,12 drop set
Front raise plate: 1 warm, 55/10,11,12
Seated db press: 55/10.12
Tricep dips: 1 warms, 1 chain/10 2chains/9 drop set
Rope pressdown: 1 warm, 30/12 35/11,10

20 min cardio, 7 sprints

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Back and calves workout:

All gains were made from the first round, but didnt do any deads this time.  Still stiff and sore from the leg workout two days back.  And I am still recovering from the show.  Need to pace myself.  I did a new movement today to help target the upper mid portion of the back, by doing a 1 arm db row while leaning on a slight incline. Felt great!!

Lat pulldown wide: 2 warms, 112/8 125/8,9,9
Bent over row: 2 warms, 155/10 165/11,11
Rope pulldown: 1 warm, 110/12,11,10
1 arm db row incline: 1 warm, 65/14,15
Calf work: 5 sets

20 min cardio

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Chest and ab workout:

Solids gains today with really good focus.  The higher rep scheme seems to be the ticket for my chest movements so far, and plan on keeping it that way..  Looking forward to see the results.

Flat db press: 2 warms, 67/8 77/8,12,11
Incline bar press: 2 warms, 140/10,10
Slight in db fly: 52/10,12,11,10
Rack push ups: 3 sets to failure
Rope crunches: 5 sets

20 min cardio with 7 sprints.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


After a couple of complete days off, I was itching to go today.  Plus, to get back on a solid eating plan. 
My cravings for certain foods are done, and ready to move forward..  
Made gains from the first round which was to be expected and will increase all movements next time.  

Legs workout:

Squat: 4 warms, 215/5 235/5,5,7
Stiff leg db: 2 warms, 95/10,14,14
Leg press: 2 warms, 415/12,14
Leg curl: 2 warms, 45/8,10
Bar lunge: 1 warm, 120/6,10

20 min cardio

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Complete rest day.   But looking forward to hitting it hard tomorrow and starting the second round.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Shoulder and bicep workout:

Solid training session today with a nice tempo.  I am hitting my stride but also sore from the previous workouts.
Looking forward for the body to adapt!! LOL

Side lateral: 2 warms, 30/8 35/8,9,8
Front raise plate: 1 warm, 45/10 50/11,12
Bar shrug: 185/10,12,12  135/16
Seated db press: 55/12 60/14
Hammer curl: 2 warms, 40/8 42/8,10
Barbell curl: 2 warms, 75/12,12

20 min cardio - 6 sprints


Rest day from weight training but did 20 min cardio with 6 sprints.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Back and calves workout:

Again, a nice baseline workout and the deads felt great.  Even though I didnt push it, my grip was definitely weaker from not doing them in a while.  But looking forward to adding more weight all around next time.

Lat pulldown wide: 2 warms, 110/8 120/8,9,9
Bent over row: 2 warms, 145/14 155/14,13
Deads: 3 warms, 245/8,10
1 arm db row: 65/15,14
Stand calf raise: 5 sets to failure

20 min cardio.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Chest and abs:

Another baseline workout and really felt this one.  Sticking to higher reps.
Here is the low down as I plan on using more weight next time.

Flat db press:  3 warms, 75/8,9,10
In bar press: 2 warms, 135/11 140/10
Slight in fly: 1 warm, 50/10,11,11
Rack push ups: 3 sets to failure
Rope crunch: 5 sets

20 min cardio, 6 sprints

Monday, May 21, 2012



Well, going to keep this simple.  Start of the new 5 day split, and established the baseline.  Nothing ground breaking, but content and looking forward to increases as the weeks go.  Besides, havnet done a full leg workout in years!!!

Squat: 4 warms, 215/5 225/5,5,5
Stiff leg db: 2 warms, 85/12,15,15
Leg press: 2 warms, 40/12,14
Leg curl: 2 warms, 40/8,10
Bar step lunge: 1 warm, 115/6,8

20 min cardio

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gearing up for the start of the new routine tomorrow.
With strength coming back looking forward to making some gains. But dont be shocked by the lower numbers.. LOL

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I am back to posting!!

After my contest, I was content with my gains as I came in the leaner then last time I competed. My lower body was much sharper and that was my goal. Although I felt good about how I looked, it wasnt good enough.

I do understand at the pro level, a lot of it has to do with natural structure/genetics, as that is a tough pill to swallow. But this does not mean I will give up and not try to improve. My new program will be something I have never tried. I will group the legs together and train quads and hams together, but within my 5 day split, I will alternate rounds with training back and chest 2x within the 5 days. I think

I am lacking upper back and chest thickness. So with that said, going to give it a go and see what happens... As far as competing next, some thoughts about do the Yorton, but will not lose sleep over it. I have time to decide, and if I dont, no biggie. I know I cant make much change in the short time, but I do know I could have filled out a bit more for the show, I would really like to see that happen.

Besides, qualifying for the show was a thrill in its self. So we will see... I have a few more workouts to do, before I start tracking again. Although I am training chest today..

Few pics from the Pro Bowl

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Update for week ending March 10th.

I use to be post every day, but the time has been flying and busy with all that is going on. Good stuff, so I cant complain.

The workouts have a been solid since the last switch in rotation. These brought in new lift and making slight gains feels great!! But honestly, the strength over all has decreased but not the energy during the workout.

The diet/plan is moving along nicely to this point. Even though I stayed on the lean side for most of 2011, since the New Year I have dropped .5 pounds per week. May not sound a lot, but this was the goal. Very slow fat loss to preserve muscle.

Feeling content, but visually need to lose more body fat..

Here is a pic with a little back squeeze for fun...

Friday, March 02, 2012

I am here!!!

Wow, time is flying and been really busy with life. All is well, but in addition to my show prep, being a father/husband, business picking up and working on the show I promote all is adding up!!! LOL But I cant complain.

Things are moving a long nicely with my training and prep. Content with my current condition. Doing things a little different this time around. Being a little more instinctual with training. At times, a little tired but feel great during and leaving the workout and that is key right now. New round of my split today starts so I am looking forward to that.

I plan on getting back and making bi weekly journal entries starting this weekend.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Yesterday was a planned off day, did some light cardio and finally put together my posing routine. The basics are down, just need to tighten it up and practice.
In addition, now in the rhythm of posing practice so that is a good thing. The focus will be increasing my stamina while practicing at the end of the workout.

Completed a couple of solid workouts with hammy's and delt/biceps in the books.

Today will be the last round of this wave and its quads/posing!!

I did check in and progress was made from last Saturday.
All in all over the last 5 weeks, I averaged a pound loss per week, but 4 of them from fat!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Chest and tricep workout:

Mixed this one up a tad for the fact of the lower side strain. I just had a hard time getting into place so do flat db presses with heavier weight. So, just swapped them out. All in and great workout, with great energy. Changes are in place for cardio and diet, and lets see what happens over the next week... excited!!

Slight in bar press: 3 warms, 155/8 175/ 185/7,6,6 drop set
Chest dips: 1 warms, 2chains/9,8,8
Flat db press: 65/9,8 55/10,9
Fly: 45/12,12
Tricep pressdown: 55/9,8 45/12,11 drop set
Db ext: 25/11,10,9 drop set
17 min pw cardio

30 min cardio - 12 sprints.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Really good workouts the last two days after the rest.
Lead off with squats but eased back into it. I have been cramping slight strain on the lower right side of my back. Just part of the game but at this point its all about pushing through but using my head in not to make it worse. I also added posing into the mix now..

I may increase the cardio by a few minutes mid week and cut a few carbs...

Quads and posing.

Squat: a lot of warms, 275/3 295/3 305/3,5
Hack squat: a lot of warms, 270/6,6 180/20
Leg ext: 1 warms, 70/12,13 burn out set
Walking db lunge: 2 warms, 60/9,9
ss into Sissy squat
10 min posing
15 min cooldown

30 min cardio

Back, calves and abs:

Close pulldown: 3 warms, 145/8 155/8 160/8 2 drop sets
1 arm db rows: 1 warms, 90/11 95/10
Pull ups: 5 sets
Lat pulldown wide: 110/9 100/9 90/12,11
Over hand bar row: 2 warms 135/12,12
Ab work: 3 ss
Calf work: 8 sets
15 min cooldown

30 min cardio: 10 sprints.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last couple of day....

Today 2/18, rest day from weight training, will do some cardio and posing.
Also have a posing class later today. So I will sneak some in..

Body weight and fat is down from last week. No changes in plan.

Nice workouts the previous two days. Here is what was done.


Shoulder and biceps workout:

Push press: 3 warms, 120/6 130/6,7,6 drop set
Side lateral up/downs: 3 x
Rear delt raise on bench: 2 warms, 27/11,10
Barbell shrug: 185/10,13
In db curl: 2 warms, 40/8 45/7,5 drop set
Cable curl: 45/8,10,8 2x drop
Con curl: 25/12,15
Ab work
15 min cooldown

30 min cardio


Hammy workout:

Leg curl: 3 warms, 55/8,8,7
Stiff leg deadlift: 3 warms, 255/6 275/8,10
Db LC: 50/10 55/8 45/12
Reverse bar lunge: 2 warms, 140/6,10
15 min cooldown

30 min cardio

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Product workouts the last two days and pushing it hard. Made some gains since starting the second round of this split. Leaning out slowly and holding onto to muscle nicely at this point Feels good..


Back, calves and posing.

Close pulldown: 3 warms 145/8 155/8,8
Bent over row: 2 warms, 210/6 220/7,7 drop set
Lat pulldown wide: 110/9,9 100/10,9 90/12
1 arm row: 85/8,9,8
Db Pulldown: 65/12 75/13
Calf work: 8 sets
10 min posing
15 min cooldown

30 min cardio: 10 srints


Chest and triceps workout:

Flat db press: 3 warms, 90/6 97/7,7,6
Chest dips: 2 warm, 3chains/8,8,7
In db x reps: 65x2 55x1
Slight in db fly: 50/12,11,10
Tricep pressdown: 3 drop sets
Ab work
15 min cooldown

30 min cardio: 10 sprints

Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Catch up:

Feeling good and seeing a nice slow drop in scale and bodyfat over the last few days.
People are starting to notice the face changes, LOL

Today was an off but cardio only day.

Last two workouts were solid, as I did the push press for shoulders for the first time in a very long time, brought a great pump and burn. For the quad workout, all gains from the first round, but took it easy with squatting since my low back was really tight.


Delts and biceps

Push press: 3 warms, 115/6 125/7,6,6 drop set
Side lateral up/downs: 3x
Rear delt raise ss
with Db shrugs: 3x
In db curl: 2 warms, 40/7,6,6 drop set
Cable curl: 1 warm, 50/10,9
21's: 2x
Ab work: 5 sets
15 min cooldown
27 min cardio - 10 sprints.


Leg ext: 3 warms, 80/11,10
Hack squat: 3 warms, 235/6 260/10 drop set
Squat: 2 warms, 225/5 245/5 265/5
Walk db lunge: 2 warms, 60/6,12
Sumo squat ss
with sissy squat: 2 x
15 min cooldown
27 min cardio

Friday, February 10, 2012


Hammy workout:

New round always brings new energy. Decided to take out regular deads this time for Romanian deads. This allows more focus on the hamstrings and more of a feel then regular deads. All in all great start...

Leg curl: 2 warms, 55/6 65/6,5,5
RSLD: 3 warms, 255/8,11
1 leg-leg curl: 2 warms, 37/10,8
Reverse bar lunge: 1 warm, 115/6 135/10
x reps leg curl: 35/12,10
15 min cooldown

27 min ss cardio

Weigh in: lost .5 from last week.

Chest and triceps workout:

Nice training today as I reset the flat db presses to get some momentum. I plan on micro loading this movement. Energy is great and pushed though....

Flat db press: 3 warms, 90/6 95/8,7,6
Chest dips: 1 warms, 2 chains/8,10,9,9
In db press: 65/11,10,9,9
Slight In db fly: 50/10,9 drop set
Ly db ext: 2 warms, 30/6,6 drop set
Tricep pressdown: 55/8 45/12,11 35/15
1 arm oh ext: 20 x 2
Ab work
15 min cooldown

27 min cardio - 10 sprints

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Back and calves workout:

Nice solid training with a good pump. Great energy and looking to increase the weight next round.
Simple as that!!!

Close puildown: 3 warm, s145/8 150/8,9
Bent over row: 2 warms, 205/6 215/7,8 drop set
Lat pulldown wide: 110/9,8 100/9 85/15
1 arm db row: 85/8,10,10
Db bent over row: 50/15,16
Calf work: 8 sets
15 min cooldown

27 min cardio, 10 sprints

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Quads and abs workout:

New round and felt good. Just finishing up a new beta product by Beyond Nutrition, and I think the right dose is nailed down. Good starting numbers with this workout and looking forward to making gains over the next few weeks.
Diet is pretty much the same, with no real changes. Added a couple minutes to the cardio but again, no drastic changes. Letting the body adjust..

Squat: 4 warms 285/3 315/3 325/3,4 drop set
Hack squat: 3 warms, 225/8 250/8 drop set
Leg ext: 1 warm, 70/12 75/11 drop set
Walking db lunge: 1 warm, 50/6,12
dropped into Sissy squats, 2 sets
Ab work: 3 ss
15 min cool down

27 cardio

Monday, February 06, 2012

Update time!

Training has been solid over the last few days as I have been doing more an instinctive style. Tomorrow starts a new round of exercises and will post up the workouts again.
In addition, simply been busy with clients in person and online along with family stuff. All good stuff.
Progress is moving in the right direction. Body weight was a low this past Saturday since kicking it up right after the Holidays. Content but not satisfied. This month will be key in making progress to set up the last two months before the show. I am eager and excited to see what I look like!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Mighty good workout this afernoon and didnt shy away from the volume. Faster tempo with less rest between sets as now I just listen to my body and when I am ready I go.

Underhand pullups: 5 sets to fail
T bar row: 3 warms 180/6 225/7 180/13 135/16
Lat pulldown wide: 100/8,9,9 85/13,12
Bent over row over hand: 2 warms, 175/8,7 drop set
Str arm pulldown: 45/12,14,12
Calf work: 8 sets
15 min cooldown

25 min cardio, 7 sprints

After a good day off I was excited to hit it hard again.
In addition to resetting the deads and chest presses, I did the same for the squats.
Following my own rep scheme doing triples. This is where I am comfortable and simply like doing it.
The body weight and fat are both trending down slowly which is ideal.
I will have a real check in Saturday with an update on the the numbers and such.

Here is yesterdays workout and sore from it! LOL

Squat: 5 warms, 285/3 315/3 320/3,3 drop set
Leg press: 3 warms, 450/12,12
Step bar lunge: 2 warms 135/6,10
Leg ext: 1 warms, 75/12 80/12 drop sets
Ab work: 3 ss
15 min cooldown

25 min cardio

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fell behind in the workout journals only because of time. Training is solid and have mixed it up a tad. Still using the prescribe exercises, just changing up the order a bit. Strength is solid and no signs of decreasing. Two more workouts, then typically it would be deload time, but since I stopped the 531, no more. Still going to push.
The changes have come in doing the main lifts later in the workout rather then leading off and doing the lower rep schemes.

Seeing slight changes every few days in the body and diet is on point without changes.
I have made some cardio adjustments over the last week only because I know I can handle more. But again, small steps....

Friday, January 27, 2012


Quads and abs:

Nice mix of movements today. Stay with the same series of exercises but a change of order. First time leading off with leg press in almost a year. Took the reps slowed and controlled. Thereafter I squated, and even though I didnt use a ton of weight, I do get much more from the squats being pre exhausted. Happy with the workout.

Leg press: 4 warms, 450/10 495/10,12 drop set
Squat: 3 warms, 255/6 275/7 drop set
Leg ext: 2 warms, 80/10 drop set
Bar step lunge: 95/6,9 drop set
Ab work:

15 min cooldown
25 min cardio

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Shoulder and biceps workout:

Same movements as last time but all gains. Solid workout and continued high energy.
Even though strength and energy is solid, seeing changes now every few days in level of leaness. Content at this point. Tomorrow is a scheduled off day due to business but will get in some light cardio in.

Side lateral: 2 warms, 37/8 42/8,8 drop set
Db press: 2 warms, 80/6,7,6
Front raise
ss with rear delt: 3x
Hammer curl: 2 warm, 50/8 55/8
1 arm cable curl: 2 warms, 25/12,10
Stand db x reps: 30 25 20
Ab work

15 min cooldown
25 min cardio, w/5 sprints.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Hammy workout:

Fantastic workout with new energy. Might be from not leading off from deads this time. I will keep them in but mix it up a little bit moving forward. At this point, its about fatiguing the muscle without hurting myself. Lots of volume but a faster temp.

Leg curl: 3 warms, 65/6,6,4
Deads: 2 warms, 275/8 285/8,8
Wide leg press: 2 warms, 325/10,12
Stiff leg db: 1 warm, 100/12,16
Leg curl x reps: 45x2

15 min cooldown
25 min cardio

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Mighty fine workout today, and it was a nice change of pace. Stepping away from the 531 flat barbell press, so I led off with flat db press instead. Content with start off strength. All in all very good workout with a nice tempo...
Check in this morning with weight and body fat. On pace right now, but always ready for changes.

Flat db press: 4 warms, 95/6 100/7,7
In bar press: 1 warm, 145/8 155/8 160/8,7
Slight in db x reps: 65 for 3 sets
Rack push ups: 2 x failure
Close grip pressdown: 2 warms, 60/8,8 drop set
Bar ext: 45/11,10,10,9
Rope ext: 25/12,11,10
Ab work: 4 sets

15 min cooldown
25 min cardio 5 sprints.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Back and calves workout:

Coooold in the gym today, but warmed up very fast! LOL. I leveled down the new Beyond Nutrition blend and nailed it. Made solid gains throughout the workout and the pump was on even after a low carb day. That is a good thing..

Pull ups: 5 sets to failure, up 3 reps.
Db bench row: 1 warm, 90/8,8,7 drop set
Lat pulldown under: 2 warms, 132/8,8 drop set
Bent over row, overhand: 1 warms, 155/10 165/9,8 drop set
Str arm pulldown: 45/12,12,14
Calf work: 3 warms, singles 4 sets, burn set

15 min cooldown
25 min cardio - 5 20sec sprints.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Quads and abs:

Well, the day off was pushed to tomorrow!! LOL With my schedule and just feeling good. I banged out my quad workout, and tomorrow will be a total day of rest. All gains were made with the micro loading on the squats. High energy today with the first time using Beyond Nutrition's new product called X. Progress is key even during prep.

Squat: 5 warms, 285/3 335/3 350/3,3 2 drop sets
Leg Press: 2 warms, 370/8 460/10,12
Step bar lunge: 2 warms 145/6 150/8
Leg ext ss with Sumo db squat: 3 x
Ab work

12 min cool down
25 min cardio

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Shoulder and biceps workout:

New round which is always motivating, but lead off with side laterals to mix it up.
Nice workout and content with the starting numbers. Oddly, was a little tired pre workout, but as I type this feel very good. Not sure what the deal was. Tomorrow looks to be an off day, and back at it on Friday....

Side lateral: 3 warms, 40/8,9,8
Db press: 2 warms, 75/8,7 drop set
Front raise plate ss
with Rear delt raise: 3x
Hammer curl: 2 warms, 45/8 50/8
Close bar curl: 1 warm, 90/8,8 drop set
1 arm cable curl: 15/10,12 drop set

12 min cooldown
25 min cardio, 5 sprints.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Dead and Hammy workout:

Sweet workout today and was feeling the extra scoop of All Out!! lol. New round of movements and it gave a solid pump and burn. Happy with the numbers and looking forward to increasing next round. Brought back the wide leg press and this movement is more about feel and focus rather then strength.

Deads: 4 warms 315/5 365/3 385/3,3 315/10
Leg curl: 2 warms, 60/7,7 drop set
Wide leg press: 2 warms, 315/10,12
Stiff Leg Db: 1 warm, 95/12,15
X rep leg curl: 2 x 40

12 min cooldown
25 min cardio

Monday, January 16, 2012


Chest and triceps workout:

Even though feeling good going into the workout, the flat bench is catching up.
I will finish this 531 off and then modify things up to accommodate my body as I as lean out. Strength is good, just setting up under the barbell for heavier weight may play havoc on my rotators.

Flat bench: 4 warms, 205/5 220/5 230/3 235/3 185/10
In db press: 2 warms, 80/9,8,8
Flat db x reps: 65 x 2, 55 x 2
Rack push ups: 2 sets to failure.
Close tri pressdown: 2 warms 60/8,7 drop set
Lying bar ext: 50/10,9,8
Stand rope ext: 30/12,10,10
Ab work

12 min cooldown
25 min cardio 5 sprints

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Back and calves.

Well rested today, coming off an off day from training. New round and was amped to get it going. Faster tempo workout for two reason. It was cold in my studio, and energy was high. Being lighter, its easier doing pull ups know and actual feeling them with strict form....

Pull ups: 5 sets to failure
Db bench row: 2 warms, 90/9,7 drop set
Lat pulldown under: 2 wamr,s 130/8,7 drop set
Bent over row, overhand: 1 warm 155/9,8 135/14
Str arm pulldown: 1 warm, 45/13,12
Calf work: 2 warms, 1 leg 4 sets, 2 burns

12 min cooldown
25 min cardio

Friday, January 13, 2012


Quads and abs:

Slow start as it was a tad cold in my studio but once I got warmed up, it was killa quad workout. Going in a decided to back off the 531 but still to keep squating as a lead off. Simply going to do the best I can with the heavier weight during the prep. My lower back is just tighter than usual at this point, and I contribute to some of this weighing less. Regardless, I was happy with my numbers and plan to make mico loads to the squat. The rest of the workout provided a great pump and burn!!

Squat: 5 warm, 285/3 335/3 345/3,3
Leg press: 3 warms, 450/10,12
Step bar lunge: 2 warms, 145/6,8
Leg ext ss
with Sumo db squat: 2 x
Ab work: 3 ss

12 min cool down
20 min cardio.

Saturday will be a complete off day. My monthly posing classes start tomorrow and looking forward to them..

Weigh in the morning, and head in the right direction.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last day for the deload workouts and feeling good.

The head cold is just about gone and looking forward to starting a new routine tomorrow and a fresh set of 531 numbers.
The only issue will be the squat with heavier weight. Due to lower body fat, the stability is less. But I will give it a shot before I change it up. Deads should progress nicely, and still have the goal of doing 3x my body weight during this prep.

The diet is on point and this Saturday is picture time!! LOL

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Little update.

Was a rest day yesterday and the day before a test out for delts. That morning I woke up feeling beat and sick so still completed the workout but did a mix up workout.
Was effective and felt better when I was finished. All in all, the week of slamming workouts and seeing a couple of sick clients lead to my minor cold. Feeling better this morning and will have an early workout. It will be quads and a deload for this round.

My Friday and Saturday weight average 155.75. Now moving forward the goal is a slight lose each week. Let the games begin..

Friday, January 06, 2012


Deadlift and hammy workout:

See yourself doing it, and it will happen. Nailed this workout today and hit the goal of the one rep max. Almost 3 x bw and a PR for the ratio of bw to bar weight.

Here is a link to the lift,

Deads: 5 warms, 365/2 415/1 445/1
Glute ham raise: 4 x
Db Split squat 2 warms, 60/8 70/10
Leg curl: 50/8 55/8,6 2 drop sets
Good mornings: 2 warms, 155/10,12

10 min cooldown
20 min cardio

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Good workouts the last two days with hitting a solid 1 rep with 255 2x.
I altered the bent over rows and stuck with higher reps for the fact of being stiff from the leg workout the day before. But had all gains on the rest of the movements.
Today banged out chest and tri's and it went well. Tomorrow is test out for the deads.

I will be attempt 445 for kicks as it will be an all time best body weight ratio wise.

We will see how I feel. Here is what I did today.

Flat bench: 4 warms, 205/5 225/3 245/1 255/1,1
Slight in db press: 2 warms, 80/8 85/9,7 drop set
In db fly: 50/10,10 45/12
Rope pressown: 2 warm,s 45/9,7 drop set
Tricep dips: 2 warm 2 chains/9,7
1 arm pressdown: 15/12,14

10 min cooldown
25 min cardio

Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Finished strong with the delt and bi workout on New Years eve, and then a rest day yesterday. Brought in today with a thrashing of my quads and singles on the 531 workout. What I have learned is that my lower body can handle the weight but being leaner has a disadvantage of holding the weight on my back. More or less, my low back stiffens up a bit from less body fat. I simply did a lot more warm up sets to get loose. Regardless, I will still push forward but not get crazy for the chance of injury.

Squat: 6 warms, 295/5 335/3 355/1 375/1,1
Leg press: 2 warm, 470/6 515/10,12 380/20
Leg ext: 2 warms, 90/9,8
Front squat: 2 warms, 185/5 205/10

10 min cool down
20 min cardio

Its go time and lets see what happens over the next few months during my prep.