Sunday, July 31, 2011


Chest and triceps:

Great workout and did what was needed. Set a new baseline, and looking to make gains over the next couple rounds.

Flat db press: 3 warms, 75/8,8,8,8,12
Slight In bar press: 2 warms, 185/8 190/6 2 drop sets
In db fly: 1 warm, 50/11 52/10
Push ups: 2 sets to failure
Rope ext: 1 warm, 40/11,10 drop set
Tricep dips: 3 sets to failure

Outdoor sprints 10x


Complete rest day.

Tomorrow starts new meal plan to get back at it. Looking forward to some changes and allow the body make gains and get lean.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Back and calves workout:

Great workout and start to this round. A little more volume than usual but the fast tempo kept the workout in check.

Lat pulldown palms in: 3 warms, 140/10150/10,10
Bent over row: 2 warms, 215/6 235/6,8 180/15
Close pulldown ss: 105 120 130
with Pullover: 50 x3
Bent over row db: 1 warms, 75/11,10
Calf raise: 2 warms, Donkey raises 90x3, 2 drop sets

25 min cardio.

Moving forward, I let my body reset and relax this past Thurs eve. And what that means is simply went of the diet plan. I will continue for the next two days, and put the new plan into place Monday morning. With the time I have, I can experiment a little bit. The goal is to stay leaner but still anabolic. More details to come but I will be doing what I call a carb wave or heavy rotation. Proteins and fats will be constant.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Quads and abs workout:

New round of routines and onto the 8's for Juggernaut.
With the correct weights, this round will be more challenging and it sure was for starters!! The 5 sets of 8 reps with 215 was tough, but managed through. The first couple sets I didn't rest as long and then I did take the much needed rest to finish. The remaining workout was solid and happy with the results. Will make gains as I go!

Front squat: 4 warms ups, 215/8,8,8,8,8
Hack squat: 2 warms, 225/5 270/5,5 drop set
Leg ext: 1 warm, 85/10,12
Step ups: 1 warm, 60/8 65/8
Sissy squat: 2 x
Ab work: 5 sets

20 min cardio

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catch up time:

The last few workout have been deload for the lead off movements. So what that means, not going all out. The reminder though of the workouts, still are balls out, and at times mixed up the order of the round. I have one more deload workout tomorrow and then its on to the adjusted reps of the Juggernaut and doing reps of 8. All increases were made so this round will be more of a challenge.
Diet and cardio has been on point. Cut the cardio back and added some carbs. Bodyweight is stable and my energy is high. Looking forward to see how the next month progresses.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Rest Day


Quads and abs workout:

Deload or off the numbers for the JN starts today. But I do push it on all other movements. For the front squat, I did go up to the test out weight from the last workout but just did 5 reps. Played around with the leg press and stuck with higher reps. In addition, did some quick burn out sets. Writing this the next day, and I am sore!!

Front squat: 3 warms, 175/5 195/5 2015/ 235/5
Step lunge: 2 warms, 80/6 85/6
Leg ext: 1 warms 75/12,14
Leg press: 2 warms, 315/15 360/15 3 burn sets
Ab work: 6 sets

20 min cardio

Decided to back off on the cardio and start the slow add of carbs. Its time!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Shoulder and bicep workout:

Great training with a faster tempo after the test out of the seated shoulder press.
Also made some nice gains on the seated side laterals. For the biceps, mixed the order up for the fun of it. Will be adding 12 pounds to the next round of 8's for the press.

Seated bar press: 3 warms, 140/2 150/15
Seated side lateral: 2 warms, 40/9 45/7 drop set
Rear delt raise: 30x3
ss with Db shrug: 80 85 75
1 arm preacher curl: 25 30 35/10
Barbell curl: 1 warm, 85/9,10 drop set
Rope curl: 45/12,10
Ab work: 5 sets

Tot cardio: 50min

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hammy workout:

Test out day for the romanian stiff legs. Knowing I went light to start, I knew I would blast past the 10 reps with 235. The goal was 20, but I was able to nail out 30 reps. What a burn!!!! The idea is for every rep past the goal to add 5 pounds. Since I did 20 more, I will meet half way for the next round and add 50 pounds not 100 to the new max. LOL The rest of the workout was still solid but I was spent.

RSLDL: 3 warms, 225/2 235/30
Leg curl: 2 warms, 57/7,7 drop set
Rear bar lunges: 2 warms, 155/6 175/8
Wide leg press: 2 warms, 315/12 360/14
In/out thigh: 4 sets

Total Cardio: 50 min

video of deads

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Chest and triceps workout:

Test out for the flat db press on the 10 reps. The goal was using 80's for 10 and I was able get 15 good ones. Its to be expected to surpass the goal for the first round. So, next time I plug in the max weight for the db press, I will add 12.5 to the 105 total. Onward and upward!! LOL All in all a solid workout with nice energy throughout.

Flat db press: 3 warms, 75/2 80/15
In bar press: 2 warms, 175/8 190/7 drop set
Chest dips: 3 sets to failure
Flat db fly: 1 warm, 55/9 50/10
Ly db ext: 1 warms, 30/6 35/6 drop set
Tricep pressdown: 2 warms, 65/9,8
Ab work: 6 sets

Changing my cardio scheme, will only list total time from now on;
Cardio: 55min

Monday, July 18, 2011


Back and calves workout:

Great workout and made some rep gains on the bw pullups. I was able to do 3 more total from last week. For me that is good! LOL I also changed the order a tad for the fact the forearms were sore so I did t bars towards then end. Higher volume with a faster tempo. On a roll......

Pullups: 5 sets to failure
Db bench row: 2 warms, 85/11 90/9 drop set
Lat pulldown under: 2 warms, 135/10 145/10
T bar row: 3 warms, 180/11 195/10
Str arm pulldown: 35/12 45/11,10
Calf work: 3 warms, singles x 3 set, 3 burn sets.

Split cardio

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Quads and abs workout:

Well rested and was looking forward to this workout.
It was test out time for the front squats on the 10 reps. The goal was 235 for 10 but was able to nail out 13, almost 14 but dropped the weight. The rest of the workout had plenty of energy and could have kept on going. And for kicks threw in some jump squats with dbs!! Well fueled!

Front squat: 3 warms, 160/5 190/3 225/1 235/13
Step db lunge: 2 warms, 75/6,8
Leg ext: 2 warms, 85/13,12
Leg press: 2 warms, 360/15
Jump db squats: 20, 30, 35
Ab work: 5 sets

split cardio

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Shoulder and bicep workout:

Did what was called for plus!! Solid workout

Seated bar press: 3 warms, 135/10,10,15
Side lateral seated: 2 warms, 40/9 42/9 drop set
Rear delt raise ss: 25 30 30
with db shrug: 75 85 85
Barbell curl: 2 warms, 110/8,9 drop set
1 arm preacher curl: 30/10 25/12
Rope curl: 40/13 45/12

Split cardio


Complete rest day!

Looking forward to the third round to test out and set up the next wave with reps of 8's.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hammy workout:

More of the same, solid training and gains. Looking forward to finishing this round so the JN reps can adjust accordingly. As noted below by doing 215 for 18 reps and that was not to all out failure.
Test out will begin Sunday for all the main lifts.

RSLDL: 3 warms, 175/5 195/5 215/10,10,18
Leg curl: 2 warms, 55/8 60/7 drop set
Reverse bar lung: 2 warms, 145/6 165/8
Wide leg press: 2 warms, 315/12 340/12
In/out thigh: 4 sets

Split cardio

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Chest and tricep workout:

Moving along nicely and still not a challenge with the JN reps, but that will change soon, LOL. On a whole, the workout was great and with high energy. The focus is coming back and really digging the change back to this split.

Flat db press: 2 warms, 72/10,10,16
In bar press: 2 warms, 175/8 185/8 drop set
Chest dips: 3 set to failure
Flat db fly: 1 warms 52/8,9
Db Ext: 1 warms, 30/6 35/5 drop set
Tricep pressdown: 1 warm, 60/9 65/8 drop set

Split Cardio:


I am making a push to regain the leanness prior to my break. So that is why I am still doing the cardio!! But I will stop right before I reach the level of losing strength.

Back and calves workout:

Straight up gains on this one, and the pump was fantastic.
The combo of Strike and All Out is killa. Ask me if you like to know!
Happy with the pull ups progression, as they were avoided for some time do to my elbow issues, but no more.

Pull ups: 5 sets to failure
T bar rows: 3 warms, 210/8 220/8 165/16
Lat pulldown under: 2 warms, 122/11 132/9
Db bench row ss: 70 70 70
with Str pulldowns: 35x10
Seated calf work: 3 warms, 3 singles set, 2 burns

Split cardio:

Monday, July 11, 2011


Quads and abs workout:

Second round of the JN on front squats. Nailed it!
Very happy exceeding the 10's on the last set of fronts. And always fun doing squats to finish up the routine. All gains were made during the workout and it was a hot one with the temps raising here in the area. Pushed through and feeling good.

Front squat: 3 warms, 175/5 195/5 215/10,10,12
Db Walking lunges: 2 warms, 80/6,6
Leg Ext ss: 75x3
with Leg press: 225 270 315
Wide stance squat: 165/8 185/8 205/13
Ab work: 3 ss

Split Cardio

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Shoulder and bicep workout:

Really nice finish to the first round of the 5 day split using the JN.
Great energy and felt strong through out. Looking forward to round two and see how I progress. Again, the weight was not too challenging but was is nice about this routine, is that is will correct itself after the first wave.

Seated bar delt press: 2 warms, 120/10,10,10,10,15
Seated side lateral: 2 warms, 40/8,10,10
Rear delt raise ss: 20 25 30 30
with Db shrugs: 65 75 75 75
Barbell curl: 2 warms, 105/8,8 drop set
1 arm preacher: 25x3
Rope curl: 35/15 40/15

30 min cardio

Friday, July 08, 2011


Hammy workout:

Felt great to focus on the hammies alone. Although not challenging yet, the workout was great and I made up for the ease of the stiff legs. I am also using the Juggernaut reps scheme for the stiff or what some call romanian deads. The hardest part was on the last set holding on. I am not using straps.

RSLDL: 3 warms 190/10,10,10,10,15
Leg curl: 2 warms 55/8 57/6 drop set
Reverse bar lunge: 2 warms 135/6 155/8
Good mornings ss: 95 115 115
with Db Leg curl: 50 50 40
IN/Out thigh: 3 sets

Split cardio


Complete rest day!!

Thursday, July 07, 2011


Chest and triceps workout:

The week continue to be solid on the new split. Doing the JN 10's was not to difficult today and looking forward to breaking new numbers next round. Great combo of movements and was feeling full and tight. The body weight is slowly coming back from the vacation, but I am in no hurry. I have my goals and they will be laid out in a couple of weeks. For now, its getting strong and staying relatively lean.

Flat db bench: 2 warms, 65/10,10,10,10,15
In bench press: 2 warms 175/8 185/6 drop set
Chest dips: 3 sets to fail
Flat fly: 1 warm 50/10,11
Ly db ext: 1 warm, 30/6 35/4 drop set
Tricep press: 1 warm 60/9,8
1 arm underhand press: 15/12,12
Ab work: 6 sets

Split cardio

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Back and calves:

Forgot how much I dig just doing back without deads. Dont get me wrong, deads are a staple, but doing just a day of rows is killa. The pump and focus were on today brought to you by Strike! Faster tempo just because I felt great. FYI, my legs are very sore from yesterdays training!

Pull ups: 5 sets to failure
T bar row: 3 warms, 205/8 215/8 160/17
Lat pulldown underhand: 2 warms, 120/11 130/9
Db bench row ss: 65x3
with Str arm pulldowns: 35x3
Calf work: 2 warms, seated singles 4 sets, 2 burn sets

Split cardio

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Quads workout:

Back on the 5 day split and off to a great start. Like I mentioned earlier, I am doing the JN rep scheme, and for quads using the front squat. It was a challenge by the end, but handled it well. I think the number I started with is on point and will find out test out time in a couple of rounds. Entire workout brought a solid pump. Felt great and focused.

Front squat: 4 warms, 190/10,10,10,10,10
Walk db lunge: 2 warms, 75/6,6
Leg ext ss: 70 70 70
with Leg press: 180 225 270
BW squat: 1 warm, 16 reps
Low ab work: 6 sets

Split cardio
July 5th

After a couple of weeks of finishing up the 4 day split with instinctive training, I am ready to move on. I will be using my 5 day split and will apply the Juggernaut rep scheme to the main movements. They include, Front Squat, Db Chest Press, Stiff leg deads, and Seated Shoulder press with a bar. Very excited to see how I progress.

As far as competing, things have changed for the fall. For many reasons (personal and profressional), and not one of them is the fear of not being ready, it looks like I will push it till the spring. Even though I did eat freely on vacation, it was not too damaging, but I plan on getting down to a certain point and will make the decision. Either I will keep on going and do a local show or diet up and stay with in striking distance while keeping my strength up.

And that is the truth!