Sunday, August 05, 2012


After two days off from weight training, the first was planned and the second off day was not, I was eager to get it going. Hammered my back and hams this time around, and it was a great workout. I switched out the t bar for bench rows to protect the low back. And in doing so, doing the stiff legs were not to bad on the low back. All in all a fantastic pump and made some gains from last round.

Back and hams:

Db bench row: 3 warms 85/6 90/8,9
Lat pulldown under: 2 warms, 145/9,9 drop set
Db bent over row ss
with Rope pulldown: 3 x
RSLDL: 3 warms, 185/6 205/6 215/6,9
Db leg curl: 2 warms 65/6,7
Leg curl: 40/10,9

20 min cardio

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