Monday, October 08, 2012

Delts and biceps workout:

Did what was called for and more.  Nice tempo and ran right through this workout. 
Will keep some type of shrugs in all workout moving forward for the fact of bringing up my traps which
are lacking.. Standing press was still easy as I started too light on the 531 but will adjust next wave.

Stand bar press: 3 warms, 115/3,11
Db shrug: 2 warms, 90/12,12,16
Side lateral up/downs: 3x
Rear delt raise ss
with Bar shrug: 2x
Incline Db curl: 2 warms, 37/8,8,8
Cable curl: 1 warm, 52/10,11
Con curl: 25/12,14
Ab work

4 x 20 sec sprints.

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