Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chest and tricep workout:

Great workout today and made gains throughout. I led off with the flat bench instead of incline db for the simple reason of seeing if I would be stronger or not on the incline. My thoughts were dead on, and I realized I need to be more warmed up doing the dbs. So in short, I feel I get more out of the incline db press as a second exercise. Who knows? Felt stronger as the workout progress and nailed the chest dips with chains.

Flat bench: 3 warms, 225/6 235/5,5
In db press: 1 warms, 85/8 95/8,7
Chest dips with chains: 2c/10,9 1c/9 bw/10
Tri pressdown: 2 warms, 77/8,7
Db ext: 25/10,8 20/11
1 arm pressdown: 15/12,11

16 min cardio

Friday, February 27, 2009

Quads and calves:

This has become one of my favorite quad routines. It hits everything from all angles and leaves me limping!!! Hit a PR on hacks and still had some in the tank. But I took care of that with the squats with chains. Gains all around.

Hack squat: 3 warms, 315/6 325/6,6
Squat with chains: tot weight, 225/8 245/8 265/8,8
Db walk lunge: 50, 60, 65
Sissy squat with weight: 20/15 30/15,15
Calf work: singles for 5 sets

Low ab work: 5 sets
10 min cardio cooldown

Weight: 166(-1.5 from two weeks ago)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wed: Shoulders and biceps:

First off, my back is sore all around. The back combo was dead(no pun attended) on yesterday!
Great workout today and brought in the side lateral cable raises. Great feel from them. The best part was the increase in bicep work. Happy that the forearm is healing nicely. Great week of workouts.

Db delt press: 3 warms, 85/6,6,5
Side lateral cable: 1 warm, 17/10 20/10 drop set
Front raise db: 1 warm, 35/8,8 drop set
Close grip bar curl: 2 warms, 90/6 100/6,7
Hammer curl: 1 warms, 35/8 40/8
1 arm cable curl: 15/12 17/12

HIIT cardio
2 min warm
9 sprints
5 cool down.

Today: rest day, cardio for 25 minutes

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back and hamstrings:

Nice solid workout and brought back pullups and reg deads. Wow! when you are away for a while it sure does show in the numbers. Even though I didnt do many pullups, but when done the right way, the best pump comes from them.
Did a little more volume with this workout and that is the plan!

Pullups: 4 sets to failure.
Deads: 2 warms, 365/6 385/5,5 275/10
Bent over db row: 1 warms, 75/8 85/8,7
Rope pulldown ss
with Bar shrugs: 3 x
Leg curl: 2 warms, 60/6,4 2 drop sets

Upper ab work: 5 sets
16 min cardio

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cheat and tricep workout:

Nice start to the workout and the energy was high. Boy, doing tri's after chest there is not much left compared to doing them after delts. But the bottom line is taking them to exhaustion. Mission accomplished. This 4 day split has a bit more volume then before.

In db press: 3 warms, 95/6 105/6 95/8
Flat bench: 2 warms, 185/8,7
Chest Dips: 2chains/8 1chain/9 bw/10,9
In db fly: 45/11,10
Tri pressdown: 2 warms, 75/8,8
Db ext: 25/10,13,12
1 arm pressdown: 15/12,11

16 min cardio

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quad and calves:

Hitting it like Jolten Joe today, and back in the swing. New version of the 4 day split and really looking forward to pushing it to the next level. Early morning workout but was fueled with Jacked. This stuff is the real deal. Hit a PR on Hack Squats. Three sets of 315 for 6 reps. All in all a great pump and burn. Finished with a newer version of sissy squats with weight. Lastly, did some abs!!

Hack squat: 3 warms, 315/6,6,6
Squat w/chains: tot 225/8 245/8 250/8,9
Walk lunge: 45,55,60
Sissy squat w/chains": 3 sets to failure
Calf work: singles 5 sets

Low ab work: 5 sets
10 min cooldown.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Shoulder and tricep workout:

Well, this is the last one non recorded workout. I did mix things up just a bit and lead off with standing push press. Boy they are tough. The one great thing was doing weight tricep dips. I did them first for the tri's and nailed a couple of sets with all the chains I have. Felt great! I did skip the HIIT today since the weight is still down from the stomach thing.

Push press: 6 sets
Side lateral: 5 sets
Rear delt raise ss
with bar shrug: 3 sets
Dips: 5 sets
Tricep pressdown: 4 sets

15 min cardio

Weight: 163 (-4.5)

After 1 or 2 rest days, I will start the new 4 day split I wrote out for myself. Its a switch in a couple of body parts plus a tad more volumes. I will run with this for 2 to 3 months, and then kick in more of a volume split. The 4 day is nice since its a hybrid of two schools of multi body part training and 1 x per week volume training.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back and hamstring workout:

Another non recorded workout as the energy levels were better but still low!
I figure to be ok in a couple more days. Although the strength was off, the pump and feel was great. Changed it up a little bit and really focused on the squeeze.

Close grip pulldown: 5 sets
Rack deads: 5 sets
1 arm db row: 3 sets
Wide lat pulldown: 3 sets
Leg curl: 5 sets

16 min cardio

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chest and bicep workout:

Was tired going into the workout and stayed tired! Still feeling beat and recovery from the weekend illness. As I right this, I am feeling better so hoping tomorrows workout will be on point. The positive note was the bicep training was actually increased. So happy with that. Again, didn't keep track of the weights and reps.

Flat bench: 6 sets
In db press: 4 sets
Flat fly: 4 sets
In db curl: 5 sets
cable curl: 4 sets

16 min cardio

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday: recovery day

Quads and calves:

Felt good to hit the weights today. Didnt keep track of what I did. Just wanted to get the blood flowing. Surprising the pump was really good and was happy with the end result of the workout.

Leg Ext: 5 sets
Leg press: 6 sets
Sumo Db squat ss
with Sissy squat: 3x
Calf work: 5 sets

10 min cardio cooldown.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Friday the 13th:

Great workout and made gains.

Seated barbell press: 3 warms, 195/6 210/4,5 165/10
Side lateral up/downs: 3x
Rear delt raise on bench ss
with Barbeel shrug: 3x
Tricep pressdown: 2 wamr,s 85/8 92/7 drop set
Tricep dips: 3 chains/10,9,8
1 arm rope pressdown: 15/12,13

HIIT cardio:
2 min warm
9 sprints
5 min cool

weigh in: 167.5(.5)

Saturday: Planned rest day.

Sunday: Need a rest day!

Since Friday night, myself and my family all came down with a stomach bug. Not pretty here in the Franco's! Its Sunday, and most of us are doing better. Food has been limited, but starting to eat a tad more. Hope to hit the weights tomorrow.
I have lost more than 5 pounds since my weigh in Friday morning. Mostly water weight.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back and hammy workout:

Bring the onions man,as I nailed it today and the mind was on time. In layman's terms, really focused. I kept the partial deads in again, but this time I set the bar a tad lower, just to get more from the lift. Really pleased with the weight I moved and the rest of the workout was solid.

Lat pulldown under grip: 3 warms, 170/6 180/6,5
Partial deads: 2 warms, 405/6 455/5 475/6
Seated close row: 1 warm, 170/10,8 drop set
Db Pullover: 75/10,11
Glute Ham Raise: 3 x assisted
Db leg Curl: 1 warm, 45/10,10

16 min cardio.
Wed the 11th

Chest and bicep workout:

Really strong workout, and gains were made from last time. Actually, I cant even remember pressing the weight I did today, as in the past, the focus were on reps. Thereafter, doing the inclines was also a first. The bicep work continues to improve. The pump today was on from a faster paced workout.

Flat press: 3 warms, 225/5 245/5 265/3,2 drop set
In Db press: 1 warm, 95/8 100/8,6
Fly db fly: 50/10,12 52/10
Rack push up: 2 sets to failure
In db curl: 2 warms, 37/8 42/8,7
Cable curl: 1 warm, 50/10 52/10

16 min cardio

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday: rest day, moderate cardio 25 min

Quads and calves workout:

Went into today's workout not wanting to go real heavy with the squats but to focus on reps and full arse range. So, instead, I did 10 sets of 10 reps starting at my body weight and increasing each set by 5 pounds. It felt great and gave a solid pump. Could have done heavier though. This scheme gave me an idea to ocntinue the 10 set scheme but to increase the weight each time out but to lower the reps. So I may do 10 sets of 8 rep but to have increments of 10 pounds. We will see.

Squat: 10 sets of 10 reps
Leg Ext: 2 warms, 85/8,12
1 leg, leg press: 1 warms, 115/10 135/11
Calf work: donkey, 2 warms, 90/12 115/12,10 drop set

10 min cooldown.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Shoulder and tricep workout:

Early morning session and the weight felt heavy. I was content with the first movement and felt much stronger at the end of the session. My weighted tri dips were really strong, so that was a positive Doing the sprints on the bike was a nice finish. Looking forward to sprinting outside instead!!!

Barbell shoulder press: 3 warms, 185/6 205/6,6 165/8
Side lateral: 2 up/downs 2 descending sets (just crazy rep stuff)
Rear delt raise/In bench: 1 warm, 20/10,11,10
Tricep pressdown: 2 warms, 85/8 90/8 drop set
Dips: 2 chains/11,10,10
! arm rope pressdown: 15/12,12

HIIT cardio
2 min warm
9 sprints
5 min cooldown

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Back and hammy workout:

Great workout today as I tried partial deads from the rack today. The focus was on the back and not the hammies since I have been squating more, so I figured lets give these a shot for the next few workouts. I set the bar below the knee caps so I am getting some extension. They felt pretty good and it was a testing ground. the set with 500 was just a strain and not too much focus on the movement, I plan on doing reps with the mid 400 range. The rest of the workout was solid.

Lat pulldown palm up: 3 warms, 170/6 175/6,6
Rack deads: 2 warms, 405/5 455/5 500/3
Seated close row: 1 warm, 170/8,8,6 drop set
Db pullover: 65/10 75/10
Glute ham raise (assisted) 3 x
Db leg curl: 1 warm, 40/10 45/11

16 min cardio

Friday, February 06, 2009

Chest and biceps:

New routine, and I made gains from it. Last time I hit this was mid December and this time around did more weight and reps. A sorta PR on flat bench for recent years but it was heavy. Goal is to do 275 for 2 triples. But most happy about the increased reps on the second movement. The bicep work was good, as I have not tried incline db curl in a very long time. Not that strong with them, but it will come.

Flat bench: 3 warms, 225/5 245/5 260/3,3
In db press: 1 warm, 95/8,9,8
Flat fly: 1 warm, 50/10,11
Rack pu: 2x to failure
In db curl: 2 warm, 35/8 40/8
Cable curl: 2 warms, 45/10 50/10

16 min cardio

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Feb 4th: Rest day

Moderate cardio for 25 min

Quads and calves:

New rotation today but kept the squats in! Form has been solid along with depth. The progress continues as I will keep on going with them. I even added close stance squats with chains. Man, these really fried them up after two movements and I did not rest up top. A plain ole kick arse workout today.

Squat: 4 warms, 315/5 335/5 345/4,4
Leg ext: 2 warms, 80/11,12
Close stance chain squat: tot = 175/10 195/10 205/11
Db Step ups: 55/8,10
Donkey Calf raises: 2 warms, 90/15,15,14 drop set

10 min cardio cooldown

Weigh in: 168(-1)

Nice pace to weight loss over the past month. Lost 4 pounds and getting stronger.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Shoulder and tricep workout:

Great workout today and made gains from last time! I lead off doing the db presses dogg crapp style. It was a topic brought up with my clients on my forum, so thought to bang it out. WOW, I forgot how hard it was. Sweet burn from the rest pause, and charged the rest of the workout.

Db press: 2 warms, dc set with 65's
Seated side lateral: 2 warms, 35/8 40/8 drop set
Upright row ss
with Db shrug: 3 x
CGBP: 2 warms, 175/8 195/6,6 drop set
Reverse pressdown: 50/10 55/9,9
Rope Ext: 25/12 27/11

HIIT cardio
2 min warm
9 sprints
5 min cool

Monday, February 02, 2009

Back and hammy workout:

Felt great going into the workout, but then fell into a funk for the first two exercises. I didnt really do less weight, but just wasnt feeling it after the first movement. I kept the rows a tad lighter to help. The pump was tight, and then I pushed it on my chain deadlifts on a plate. Finished strong.

Wide grip pulldowns: 3 warms, 160/8 170/8 150/9
Bent over row: 2 warms, 215/8,9 drop set
Dead with chains standing plate: tot weight 315/6 335/7,8,7
Rope pulldown: 100/12 105/10 100/11
Leg curl: 2 warms, 60/8,6 50/7 burnout set

16 min cardio

Sunday, February 01, 2009

New month new focus!

In summary the diet has tighten up pretty well of late. And I plan on following my current plan until I need to kick things up a bit. What I have been doing is a simple carb rotation according to what is being trained and off days. Nothing fancy.
For the upcoming month I will be adding 1 more sprint to the HIIT cardio and 1 more minute to the steady state cardio. Just small changes to keep the engine burning.
The 4 day split will remain the same as strength is solid. But I will be bumping to a 5 day after I complete my 4 day split rotations. Lastly, for this month, just going to take it easy on most of the supplements. I will keep in the basics including pre workout stim and BCAA's but the others will take a back seat for the month. All in all happy where I am at.

Chest and biceps workout:

Great early morning workout with PR's on my incline db press and weighted chain dips. The bicep work was increased with weight and volume, so that is positive also.

In db press: 3 warms, 105/6 115/5,5 95/8
Flat bar press: 2 warms, 195/8 200/7 burnout set
Chest dips: 2 chains/11,10 1 chain/10,9
barbell curl: 2 warm,s 80/8 90/8,8
Rope curl: 1 warms, 40/10 45/9
1 carb high cable curl: 15/12,12

16 min cardio.