Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Little lame with posting, but will get back at it.

All in all the workouts have been solid, and progressively getting stronger with each workout.
Still not squating, but plan on it for the third split of this routine.  So that will be in a few weeks.
The good news is that I am finishing up with deads on my main back workout, and they feel great.

Today will be Chest and tripeps, and then I will start the last round for this split.
Even though needed, I will be on vacation next week and it stinks since I am in a good groove.

The focus after vacation is to continue to get stronger and bring up the chest and upper back, hence, alternating the two body parts every other round but hitting them 2 x.  Then I will begin my mini cut, with the focus of losing body fat again..

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