Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Quads and abs workout:

Deload for the front squats as it was needed. But I did hammer out the rest of the workout while doing more on the hack and really burned them out on the giant drops on extensions.

Front squat: 4 warms, 230/5,8
Hack squat: 2 warms, 270/6 290/7 225/10
Leg ext: 1 warms, 2 sets of triple drops.
Sissy squat: 3 sets to failure with chains.
Ab work: 3 supersets

15 min cardio

Will do cardio in the morning for 35 min.

Then scheduled off days 31s and 1st.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Shoulder and biceps workout:

Nice finish to the 531 for the seated barbell press. I will add 15 pounds to the max, as I under started the initial weight. Solid workout and made gains. Biceps were full when finished.

Seated shoulder press: 3 warms, 155/5 175/3 195/1,7
Front raise ss: 50 60 70 70
with side lateral: 22 x 4
Barbell shrug: 1 warms, 225/12 235/11
Alt db curl: 2 warms, 55/5 60/5
Barbell curl: 1 warm, 90/8,10
Con curl: 30/12,12

Split Cardio:
15 min
25 min

Side note:
Tomorrow will be a deload on the front squats, and then I will have 3 planned off day from the weights. Going on a mini trip with the family, and thereafter its go time. I will use the month of January as the true test to see where I am at for competing.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Dead and hammie workout:

Fantastic workout today. The magic of getting extra sleep works every time.
Moved forward with my dead progression and made gains on the db split squat for a best. The pump was solid in the hammies.

Deads: 3 warms, 355/1 375/3,3,5
Glute ham raise assis: 4 x
Db split squat: 2 warms, 85/8 90/8
Leg curl ss: 40 x 3
with Stiff legs: 175 x 3

15 min cardio.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Little catch up time.

The day before Christmas I did train back and calves. Just a mix of the current rotation but used higher reps. Was a solid workout, and did the prescribed cardio.

Christmas day was a complete rest day. And it was a great day of eating!!!

Today I trained Chest and triceps.

Back on it and it was a solid workout. I am keeping the flat db presses in but resetting with 3 working sets of 5 reps. The 531 was starting to become too difficult simply for the fact of setting the heavier db's in place. A great pump but I do think it was from the excess food on Christmas day. All is good.

Flat db press: 3 warms, 85/5 95/5,5,9
In bar press: 2 warms, 175/8 185/8 drop st
Slight In db press: x reps, 65 x 3 sets
Hammer grip pus': 2 sets to failure
Tricep rope ext: 2 warms, 45/8,8
Bar ext ss
with Reverse tri pressdown: 3 x

Split Cardio
15 min
25 min

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Quads and abs workout:

Bottom line hammered this workout!!! All out on the front squats and hit a mini goal with 325 for a triple. 310 was called for on the front squat, but pushed it a bit since I was feeling good. The db jump squats was a nice finish.

Front squat: 4 warms, 275/3 315/1 325/3
Hack squat: 2 warms, 225/8 270/6 280/8
Leg ext ss: 70x 4
Db jump squats: 30 35 40 40
Squat with chains: 195/10 215/12
Ab work: 6 sets

15 min cardio

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Delt and biceps workout:

One of the better one's I had in a while. The best reason was, pain free! LOL.
Doing the higher incline barbell press is easier on the rotator cuff, plus I am hitting the upper chest. An all out workout for sure.

Seated bar delt press: 3 warms, 165/3 175/3 185/3,8
Front raise ss: 45 55 65 70
with side lateral: 25 x 4
Bar shrug: 1 warms, 225/12,12
Alt db curl: 2 warms, 50/5 55/6,7
Barbell curl ss: 80 x 3
Con curl: 25 x3

Split Cardio
15 min
25 min

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Really solid workout today and took a different approach to the deads. Since I dont want to take them out but at the same time need to deload, I am doing the 10 single scheme. I will alternate this with the 3 sets of triples at a heavier weight. The goal for the deload deads is to do 10 singles with minimal rest. I allow myself 45 seconds between sets. I started with 315 and it was a nice start. The rest of the workout was banging and hit a PR with the db split squats.

Deads: 3 warms, 315 x 10 singles (45sec rest)
Glute ham raise assist: 4 x
Db split squat: 2 warms, 85/8,8
Good mornings ss: 105 125 145
with Leg curl: 37 x 3

15 min cardio

Monday, December 20, 2010


Chest and tricep workout:

Decent workout. Struggled on the flat db presses. Just a pain in the butt getting the db's in place. Thinking after this round, I will be resetting and going lighter with my own rep scheme. The rest of the workout was solid and made some nice gains.

Flat db press: 3 warms, 95/3 105/3 115/3
In bar press: 2 warm,s 175/8 180/8 drop set
Slight incline db x reps: 65 x 3 sets
Hammer grip pu: 2 x
Tricep Rope ext: 1 warm, 45/8 50/6 40/10
Dips: 3 sets to fail
Reverse pressdown: 40/12 45/12

Split cardio
15 min
25 min

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Back and calves:

After a day of hosting an early family Christmas party, I managed to get in a decent morning workout. I did make some gains from last time but had to switch out the db bent over rows to 1 arm db rows. The lower back was very stiff and after just one set, felt it tighten up. So played it safe with the one arm rows. The food was great yesterday and we all had a nice time together. It was a free day of eating!!!!

Lat pulldown palms in: 3 warms, 170/6 182/6,6
1 arm db row: 3 warms, 105/8,9
Close pulldown: 2 warms, 135/9,9
Bent over row chains: 175/10,12,12 drop set
Donkey Calf raises: 2 warms, 90/15,14,12 2 set of singles

35 min cardio

Friday, December 17, 2010


Killa quad workout, and in the grove witht the front squats. Did what was called for and plus. Rest of the workout all were gains. Getting the hang of the db jump squats. They really knocked me out. Pump was tight and just felt great.

Front Squat: 4 warms, 260/3 280/3 295/3,3
Leg press: 3 warms,475/8 520/8
Leg ext ss: 70 x 4 sets
Db Jump squats: 25 30 35 35
Squat with chains: 185/10 205/12

15 min cardio


Rest day from weight training
Cardio will be done at a total of 45 min.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Shoulder and bicep workout:

New round of the 531 to a new movement. Did the seated barbell press this time and will see how far I can go with the 531 on this one. The workout was a nice start as far as weights and looking forward to some increases.

Seated delt press: 3 warms, 155/5 165/5 175/5,8
Trap bar shrug: 2 warms, 225/10 245/9,8
Front ss
with side lateral: 4 x
Stand Alt db curl: 2 warms 50/6 60/5 50/8
Barbell curl: 1 warms 85/8,9
Con curl: 30/11,12

Split cardio

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Dead and hammy workout:

Whacked dem hammies today with the new round. I have mention before that I am not doing the 531 for deads. Just wanted to mix it up and reset with lighter weight.
Workout was great and actually did a best on split squats. And then really slammed them doing a first super set of good mornings and leg curls.

Deads: 5 warms, 345/1 365/3,3,3
Glute ham raise assisted: 4 sets
Db split squats: 2 warms, 75/8 80/8
Good mornings ss: 105 125 135
with Leg curls: 35 x 3
In/out thigh ss with abs: 4 sets

15 min cardio

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Chest and triceps:

New round and always dig it. Little slow to start as it cold in the gym But to my surprise move some decent weight and did what was called for on the 531. The energy only increased as I went through the workout.

Flat db press: 3 warms, 90/5 100/5 110/5,5
In bar press: 2 warms, 175/8,8 drop set
Slight in db x reps: 50 x 3
Push ups hammer grip: 2 set to fail
tricep Rope ext: 1 warms, 45/9,8 drop set
CGBP: 1 warm, 115/10 125/10
Reverse pressdown: 1 warm, 45/12,12

30 min cardio

Monday, December 13, 2010


Back and calves workout:

Didn't have the best sleep last night for a couple of reasons. But the most important was the fact of my daughter throwing up every couple of hours until 4am. Thankfully she is fine now, but feeling it. LOL
Surprisingly the workout was solid. I actually pick up where I left off with this rotation 8 weeks ago.

Lat pulldown palms in: 3 warms, 170/6 180/6 150/10
Db bent over row: 2 warms, 90/8 95/8 drop set
Close pulldown: 2 warms, 130/10,9
Barbell bent over row w/chains: 155/10 175/12,13
Donkey calf raises: 2 warms, 90/17,16,16 2 drop sets

30 min cardio

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Quads workout:

Wow, nailed this one. Front squats were on and handled the weight well. I did db jump squats for the first time and they were great. To add, they were super seted with leg exts. Finished things up with squats with chains.

Front squats: 4 warms, 245/5 265/5 280/5,5
Leg press: 3 warms, 450/10 495/10
Leg ext ss: 70 x4
with jump squats: 20 25 30 30
Squat w/chains: total weight 175/10 195/13

cardio 15 min


Rest day from weights but will do early morning cardio.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Shoulder and biceps workout:

Deload for the shoulder press and intro to the seat barbell shoulder press.
Will be putting that into the mix instead of the standing shoulder press. Also, the body was/is best from yesterday all out set of deads. Solid workout, and felt great again. Tomorrow starts a new wave of routines for the 531. Digging it!!

Seated bar delt press: 3 warms, 135/5 155/5 175/5
Seated side lateral: 2 warms, 40/8,9 drop set
Rear delt raise: 15 20 20
ss with db shrugs: 75 x x
In db curl: 2 warms, 50/6,5
Cable curl ss
with 1 arm preacher: 3 x

30 min cardio

Thursday, December 09, 2010


Deads and hammy workout:

Was the deload for the deads today. So it was time to go all out.
I was happy to do 2 x current body weight for 20. That has been a long term goal of mine. My next round of deads I will be straying away from the 531 to mix it up. I plan on doing 3 sets of 3's and building that up. But will start lighter to gain momentum. The rest of the workout was great!!!

Deads: 5 warms 325/20
Db leg curl: 2 warms 60/8,8 drop set
Front and back lunge: 2 warms, 45/8 50/8
Stiff leg w/chains: 1 warms, 195/10 215/13
In out thigh: 5 sets

15 min cardio

video of 325x20

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Chest and triceps workout:

Deload for the flat presses. I have mentioned a few times before not my best lift, but it was cool to bang out the higher reps. It definitely effected my strength for the chest dips. After that, I made nice gains on the fly and the tricep movements.
Solid workout.

Flat db press: 3 warms, 85/5,14
Chest dips: 2 warms, 4chains/7 drop set
In db fly: 1 warms 60/8 65/8 drop set
Push ups: 2 set to failure.
Db ext: 1 warms, 32/6 35/6 drop set
Tricep pressdown: 1 warms, 65/10 70/8
1 arm pressdown: 15/12,13

30 min cardio

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Back and calves workout:

Mixed up the order a tad bit but used the same movements. A strong finish to this wave of back exercises and had gains each time. Really digging on the progress as I slowly lose body fat.

T bar rows: 3 warms, 180/6 225/6 235/5 180/12
Rack pullups: 4 sets to failure
Lat pulldown palms up: 2 warms, 140/10 145/8
Db bench row ss: 75 80 80
with str arm pulldown: 40 4035
Calf raise: 2 warms, 3chains/20 4chains/18,17 drop set

30 min cardio

Monday, December 06, 2010


Quads and abs workout:

Start of deload week, but this is only applied to the lead off exercise. So for the front squats, I took it easy. The other movements were all out, and made gains again! Really pushed it hard and hit a pr for the walking db lunges, and the finishers really put the pump on.

Front squat: 3 warms, 205/5 225/5,8
Walking db lunges: 2 warms, 85/6 90/6
Leg ext ss: 70 80 85
with Sissy squats: 15 15 17
Squat: 165/10,16

Ab work: 3 ss

15 min cardio

Sunday, December 05, 2010


Shoulder and bicep workout:

Single out day for the delts. Very happy to hit the numbers at my current bw. All gains again and lots of energy today.

Stand shoulder press: 3 warms, 145/5 165//3 185/1,1
Seated side lateral: 2 warms, 40/8 42/9
Rear delt db raise ss: 20x3
with Db shrug: 75x3
In db curl: 2 warms, 50/5 55/3 60/3
Cable curl: 1 warms, 60/8 70/9,9
1 arm preacher curl: 30/10 25/15

30 min cardio

Rest day from weights, but will do 30 min cardio.

A solid week with hitting all my numbers and dropping 1.5 this week. Strength is solid and energy is up.

Friday, December 03, 2010


Dead and hammy workout:

Single out day for the deads. Did what what called for but it was tough. I pulled 455 for a single a month plus ago and it was easier then today's 445. But I am lighter. I may mix up the 531 for deads and work on different rep ranges and elevations. We will see.
Other than that, all increases from the last round, and the hammies really got hammered. New best with the db leg curls and reverse lunges.

Deads: 5 warms 365/3 405/2 445/1
Db leg curl: 2 warms, 57/9 60/10 drop set
Reverse lunge: 2 warms, 175/8 195/6
Db stiff leg: 1 warm, 115/10,13
Ab work: 4 sets

15 min cardio

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Chest and triceps workout:

Single out day for the db press. Not my strongest of lifts but was happy to do what was called for and more. I plan on only adding 5 pounds to the next wave. The rest of the workout was solid and made gains. The most improved were the chest dips with chains. THat was a PR at two sets of 8 with 4 chains.

Flat db press: 3 warms 90/5 105/3 115/3,3
Chest dips: 2 warms, 4chains/8,8 drop set
In db fly: 1 warms, 55/9 60/9,9
2 burn out sets of push ups.
Lying db ext: 2 warms, 32/7,7
Tricep pressdown: 1 warms, 60/9 65/9
1 arm pressdown: 15/12,10 drop set

30 min cardio

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Back and calves workout:

Just rowing today and made gains from last workout. The pullups were tough only because my left forearm is acting up. But I was able to get more totals reps still.
Faster tempo workout and the pump/burn was on!

Pullups: 5 sets to failure
T bar row: 3 warms, 205/8 215/8
Lat pulldown underhand: 2 warms, 135/9,9
Db bench row ss: 65 75 80
Str arm pulldown: 35 40 40
Calf work: 2 warms, 90/15,13,12 2 drop sets

30 min cardio.