Friday, July 27, 2012


Quads and calves workout:

Back to the 4 day split and lead off with a really great workout. I manage to do a good combo of movements that didn't cause any back pain. So happy with it and the starting numbers. Content on using the hack squat until I am ready to squat again. Very effective and the freshness is motivating. I have room to improve so eager to see what will happen during the up coming weeks.

Leg ext: 2 warms, 70/14,14
Hack squat: 3 warms, 205/6,6,10
Sumo db squat: 2 warms 125/15, 19
Walk db lunge: 1 warm, 55/6 60/6
Calf work: 100 reps

15 min cardio.

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