Monday, September 28, 2009

Trained Hams and calves yesterday and it was a great spot on workout. I am very sore and it was not from heavy weight but solid focus.

Today was the delts alone training, and again solid focus. Over the past few days, I have my ups and downs with energy throughout the day. Today is an up day.

Side lateral
Db press
Upright rows
Rear delt raise on bench
Ab work

Tomorrow, will be cardio and posing only. And then just 3 more all out workouts till the weekend.

Posing practice has been more consistent but the aim is to be able to hold the front relax pose at extended periods of time.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little bit of catch up.

I have trained back, and arms since last posted and plenty of cardio. Feeling good and starting to get excited to make the last push to looking better than last time on stage. Either way, I am content and satisfied.

Being a fan of bodybuilding, I can honestly say, looking forward to seeing who is competing at the Cape. Not for the fact of competing against anyone, but to admire what others have done and watching the battles with the big guys. Sure, I want to do well, but I am also a spectator at the show with a great spot being on stage with them.

Today is hammie and calves, and more cardio.
Feeling beat, like I am within a couple of weeks of competing!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Morning cardio: 45 min

Chest workout:

Really mixed it up to keep the drive going. Nice pump and burn, but was weaker.

In fly: 5 sets
Flat bench: 5 sets
Slight in db press x reps: 4 sets
Chest dips: 3 sets

Upper ab work: 6 sets

Cardio: 30 min

Having been posing about every other day, just note posting it each time!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Morning cardio: 45 min

Quads workout:

Even though I will mix things up over the next week and a half and will train instinctively, the workout was great. So no numbers to record, just movements. Pump was dead on, and energy was high.

leg ext: 5 sets
Leg press: 5 sets
Squat: 5 sets
Split db squat: 3 sets

Low ab work: 6 set

25 min cardio

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday the 21st:

Morning cardio: 35 min 20 interval

Back and shoulder workout:

Good workout but nothing worth getting to excited over. Was up most of the night with my son being sick. Made it through, and content with the results.

Lat pulldown wide
Bent over rows
Rope pulldowns
Db delt press
Rear delt raise ss
with bar shrugs.

Tuesday the 22nd:

Rest from weights.

Cardio and posing day.
35 min, 20 intervals.

Just finished posing, but felt beat! It was another long day and this time it was my wife's time to be sick. Looking forward to sleeping, LOL!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Morning cardio: 45 min

Had a good nights sleep and the workout was solid. After the first chest movement, the strength faded a little bit, but the arms all had increases from last time.
Gonna push it a bit over the next two weeks.

Flat press: 3 warms, 175/6 196/6 210/6 2 drop sets
In db press 75/8,8 65/8,9
Chest dips: 3 sets to failure
Cable curl: 2 warms, 70/8 77/8
Tri bar ext: 2 warms, 65/8 70/9
In db curl ss
with Rope pressdown: 3 x

Upper ab work: 5 sets
25 min cardio

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday the 18th: Cardio only.

Saturday the 19th


Early morning workout due to a clients and posing class. Had a great night of sleep but still a little slow out of the box. Very happy with the end results and weights moved. Body weight has been stable as I dont think the scale will move too much more. But I do see myself getting harder, hopefully!

Front squat: 3 warms, 185/8 225/6 235/6 double drop sets
Stiff leg: 2 warms, 275/6 285/6 drop set
Leg press: 2 warms, 360/12,13
Leg curl ss
with Leg ext: 3 x
Calf raise ss
with lower ab work: 4x

30 min cardio

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Morning Cardio: 45 min

Shoulder workout:

Felt good again during this workout and flew right through it.
Took some pictures and contest were I am at. Need to tighten up a bit and will make some minor changes and re eval next week again. Its a cat and mouse game, since I am a smaller guy. I want to get as lean as possible but not to sacrifice muscle to the point I get too stringy. Time will tell!

Side lateral: 2 warms, 30/8 45/6,6 drop set
Db delt press: 75.8,9,7 drop set
Upright row cable: 2 warm, 70/11 75/10
Floor raises: 15 x 3

Side ab work
15 min cooldown

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Morning cardio: 45 min

Hammies and calves workout:

Solid training today and actually made gains! Felt great all the way through and plugged along. The stiff legs I still kept on the lighter side but will do more next time. Just dont want to wrench the ole back this late in the game!

Leg curl: 2 warms, 60/6 65/6,4 drop st
Stiff leg db: 2 warm, 95/10 105/12
Db leg curl ss
with Glute raises: 3 x
Single calf raises: 3 sets to failure
Donkey raises: 90 for 4 sets to failure

low back work
15 min cooldown

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Morning cardio: 30 min, 20 intervals

Arm training:

Basically matched the numbers from last time and the pump was good. Energy again was high throughout the workout, but really nothing to exciting to report. its an arm workout!

In db curl: 2 warms, 45/6 50/5 drop set
Tri pressdown: 2 warms, 80/6 85/6 drop set
Cable curl: 1 warms, 70/8 75/8 drop set
Db ext: 1 warms, 30/8 35/6 drop st
1 arm spider curl ss
with 1 arm pressdown: 3 x

Side ab work: 6 sets
15 min cooldown

Monday, September 14, 2009

Morning cardio: 30 min, 20 intervals

Back workout:

Felt great going in and during the workout. Just faded a little at the end, but doing the lighter deads were solid. So as I am typing this, a few hours post workout, I am starting to get tired. Not feeling lousy, just tired and needing a nap. I guess, if this wasnt starting to happen, I must of have been doing something wrong. LOL

Pullups: 5 set to failure
Db bent over rows: 2 warms, 90/8,7 drop set
Close pulldown: 1 warm, 105/12 110/9 drop set
Deads: 1 warms, 275/8,12
Str arm pulldown ss
with light calves: 3 x

15 min cooldown.
Sunday the 13th.

Morning cardio: 45 min

Chest workout:

Made gains from last round, and felt great. Another workout that didnt feel like I am less then 4 weeks out. Still plugging along as I need to lose more body fat to improve upon last time out condition.

Slight in bar press: 3 warms 200/5 210/5,5
Flat db press: 85/9,8,7 75/8
In db fly: 45/10 50/10 45/11
Flat bench X reps with chains: 3 sets

Upper ab work: 6 sets
15 min cooldown

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Morning cardio: 25 min

Quads workout:

Energy was back up today, and I was more motivated. I really dig doing the second round of the same movements since I was to move more weight or hit more reps. In short, goal accomplished. Happy to hit 285 for 3 on the front squats with my current body weight.

Leg Ext: 2 warms, 80/10 90/10,10
Front Squat: 3 warms, 265/3 285/3 drop set
Bar lunge: 1 warms, 165/6 170/8 drop set
Sissy squat: 2 chains/20,18,17

Low ab work: 6 sets
15 min cooldown

Friday, September 11, 2009

Morning cardio: 20 intervals.

Rest day from weight training.

Not much to report!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Morning cardio: 30 min, 15 intervals

Back and shoulder workout:

Felt great going into the workout and the energy was high. Numbers were not to far off from a few months back. Content and can see making some increases next time. Much of the goal is still to go close to failure but not to hurt myself.

Lat pulldown wide: 3 warms, 150/6 160/5,5 drop se
Bent over row: 2 warms, 195/8 205/7 drop set
Rope pulldown: 100/12,13,12
Db delt press: 2 warms 65/8 75/8 drop set
Rear delt raise ss
with shrugs: 3 sets

upper ab work: 4 sets

15 min cardio cooldown

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Morning cardio: 35 min.

Chest and arms workout:

Felt good going into the workout, but the strength was down! I am sure this was from the lousy night of sleep. My energy was high, and the pump and burn was excellent. But I just couldn't move too much. Of course, at this point in the game I am not too concerned, and just dont want to hurt myself! LOL

Flat bench: 3 warms, 195/6 205/6,6 drop set
In db press: 1 warms, 85/7,7 drop set
Chest dips: 3 sets to failure
Cable curl: 2 warms, 70/8 75/8
Tri bar ext: 2 warms, 65/8,8
In db curl ss
with Rope press: 3 x

15 min cardio cooldown

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Update from the last few days!

Saturday, I did train at home and had a great hammy and calf workout. I know, because the next day I was sore!
Then I was off to Ocean City, NJ to meet up with the family. It was a nice, fun and relaxing time. Diet was spot on and kept the training going.

Sunday: I trained shoulders and did cardio at a Snap Fitness just outside of town, nice clean gym.

Monday: Did morning sprints and if was a scheduled off day from the weights.

Tuesday: As I type this, I just got home about an hour ago, and will be hitting the legs shortly.

I will get back to recording the workouts tomorrow.
A few changes are put in place to make the last push to get leaner over the next few weeks. Eager to see what happens.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Morning cardio: 30 min, 15 intervals.

Arm workout:

Energy was high from the get go! Flew right threw this workout, and almost nailed the same weight and reps about two months back. Just solid!

In db curl: 2 warms, 45/6 50/5,5
Tricep pressdown: 2 warms 80/6 85/6,6
Cable curl: 1 warms, 70/8 75/7 drop set
Db ext: 1 warm, 30/8 35/7 drop set
1 arm spider curl ss
with 1 arm pressdown: 3 x

ab work: 6 set
10 min cardio cooldown.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Morning cardio: 30 min, 15 intervals

Back workout:

Bang up workout today and nailed a pr with my pullups. Although my current weight helps, I was still happy. And finishing again with deads felt great. Strength is not far off from last round.

Pullups: 5 sets
Db bent over row: 2 warms, 85/8 90/9,8
Close pulldownL 1 warm,115/11,10 drop set
Deads: 2 warms, 315/9
High pulldown: 35/12,12,12

Light calf work: 3 sets

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Morning Cardio: 35 mins

Chest workout:

Nice workout today and just about matched this workout from 2 months back. Pump was solid and energy was great all the way through. I am just now starting to get a little tired mid day, but not too bad.

Slight in bar press: 2 warms, 185/8 205/5 215/4 drop set
Flat db press: 85/9,7 75/8,8
IN db fly: 45/10,11,9
Flat bar press with chains: 3 sets X reps to failure

Upper ab work: 6 sets

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Quads workout:

Its always fresh to start a new rotation of exercises. And most likely for the next 5 weeks, I will be staying on the same set. Going into today's workout I was leary for the fact of not doing front squats in over 2 months, and trying out a lunge since I strained my quad. Well, after warming up and going somewhat heavy on extensions, I was ready!!! The front squats felt great and was content with the starting weight. And to boot, the lunges were pain free. Sheeewww. I will take on more weight next time.

Leg ext: 2 warms, 80/10 90/9,8
Front squat: 3 warms, 255/3 275/3
Bar lunge: 1 warm, 155/6 165/8
Sissy squat: 1 warm, 2 chains/20,20,20

Low ab work: 4 sets
10 min cardio cooldown.
Monday Aug 30th

Morning cardio: 30 min, 15 sprints

Back and delt workout:

Woke up with a stiff back and this was from the weekend of the show. I still lead off with t bars, but was cautious. Little tired, but a good workout. strength was about the same.

T bar row: 3 warms, 185/8 205/6 225/6 180/11 burnout set
Lat pulldown wide: 1 warm, 110/8 120/8 125/7
Pullover ss
with rope pulldowns: 3 x
Stand db press: 2 warms, 55/7,6 drop set
Side lateral up and downs: 3x