Thursday, May 31, 2012


Back and calves workout:

All gains were made from the first round, but didnt do any deads this time.  Still stiff and sore from the leg workout two days back.  And I am still recovering from the show.  Need to pace myself.  I did a new movement today to help target the upper mid portion of the back, by doing a 1 arm db row while leaning on a slight incline. Felt great!!

Lat pulldown wide: 2 warms, 112/8 125/8,9,9
Bent over row: 2 warms, 155/10 165/11,11
Rope pulldown: 1 warm, 110/12,11,10
1 arm db row incline: 1 warm, 65/14,15
Calf work: 5 sets

20 min cardio

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