Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I am back to posting!!

After my contest, I was content with my gains as I came in the leaner then last time I competed. My lower body was much sharper and that was my goal. Although I felt good about how I looked, it wasnt good enough.

I do understand at the pro level, a lot of it has to do with natural structure/genetics, as that is a tough pill to swallow. But this does not mean I will give up and not try to improve. My new program will be something I have never tried. I will group the legs together and train quads and hams together, but within my 5 day split, I will alternate rounds with training back and chest 2x within the 5 days. I think

I am lacking upper back and chest thickness. So with that said, going to give it a go and see what happens... As far as competing next, some thoughts about do the Yorton, but will not lose sleep over it. I have time to decide, and if I dont, no biggie. I know I cant make much change in the short time, but I do know I could have filled out a bit more for the show, I would really like to see that happen.

Besides, qualifying for the show was a thrill in its self. So we will see... I have a few more workouts to do, before I start tracking again. Although I am training chest today..

Few pics from the Pro Bowl

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