Saturday, February 25, 2012


Yesterday was a planned off day, did some light cardio and finally put together my posing routine. The basics are down, just need to tighten it up and practice.
In addition, now in the rhythm of posing practice so that is a good thing. The focus will be increasing my stamina while practicing at the end of the workout.

Completed a couple of solid workouts with hammy's and delt/biceps in the books.

Today will be the last round of this wave and its quads/posing!!

I did check in and progress was made from last Saturday.
All in all over the last 5 weeks, I averaged a pound loss per week, but 4 of them from fat!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Chest and tricep workout:

Mixed this one up a tad for the fact of the lower side strain. I just had a hard time getting into place so do flat db presses with heavier weight. So, just swapped them out. All in and great workout, with great energy. Changes are in place for cardio and diet, and lets see what happens over the next week... excited!!

Slight in bar press: 3 warms, 155/8 175/ 185/7,6,6 drop set
Chest dips: 1 warms, 2chains/9,8,8
Flat db press: 65/9,8 55/10,9
Fly: 45/12,12
Tricep pressdown: 55/9,8 45/12,11 drop set
Db ext: 25/11,10,9 drop set
17 min pw cardio

30 min cardio - 12 sprints.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Really good workouts the last two days after the rest.
Lead off with squats but eased back into it. I have been cramping slight strain on the lower right side of my back. Just part of the game but at this point its all about pushing through but using my head in not to make it worse. I also added posing into the mix now..

I may increase the cardio by a few minutes mid week and cut a few carbs...

Quads and posing.

Squat: a lot of warms, 275/3 295/3 305/3,5
Hack squat: a lot of warms, 270/6,6 180/20
Leg ext: 1 warms, 70/12,13 burn out set
Walking db lunge: 2 warms, 60/9,9
ss into Sissy squat
10 min posing
15 min cooldown

30 min cardio

Back, calves and abs:

Close pulldown: 3 warms, 145/8 155/8 160/8 2 drop sets
1 arm db rows: 1 warms, 90/11 95/10
Pull ups: 5 sets
Lat pulldown wide: 110/9 100/9 90/12,11
Over hand bar row: 2 warms 135/12,12
Ab work: 3 ss
Calf work: 8 sets
15 min cooldown

30 min cardio: 10 sprints.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last couple of day....

Today 2/18, rest day from weight training, will do some cardio and posing.
Also have a posing class later today. So I will sneak some in..

Body weight and fat is down from last week. No changes in plan.

Nice workouts the previous two days. Here is what was done.


Shoulder and biceps workout:

Push press: 3 warms, 120/6 130/6,7,6 drop set
Side lateral up/downs: 3 x
Rear delt raise on bench: 2 warms, 27/11,10
Barbell shrug: 185/10,13
In db curl: 2 warms, 40/8 45/7,5 drop set
Cable curl: 45/8,10,8 2x drop
Con curl: 25/12,15
Ab work
15 min cooldown

30 min cardio


Hammy workout:

Leg curl: 3 warms, 55/8,8,7
Stiff leg deadlift: 3 warms, 255/6 275/8,10
Db LC: 50/10 55/8 45/12
Reverse bar lunge: 2 warms, 140/6,10
15 min cooldown

30 min cardio

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Product workouts the last two days and pushing it hard. Made some gains since starting the second round of this split. Leaning out slowly and holding onto to muscle nicely at this point Feels good..


Back, calves and posing.

Close pulldown: 3 warms 145/8 155/8,8
Bent over row: 2 warms, 210/6 220/7,7 drop set
Lat pulldown wide: 110/9,9 100/10,9 90/12
1 arm row: 85/8,9,8
Db Pulldown: 65/12 75/13
Calf work: 8 sets
10 min posing
15 min cooldown

30 min cardio: 10 srints


Chest and triceps workout:

Flat db press: 3 warms, 90/6 97/7,7,6
Chest dips: 2 warm, 3chains/8,8,7
In db x reps: 65x2 55x1
Slight in db fly: 50/12,11,10
Tricep pressdown: 3 drop sets
Ab work
15 min cooldown

30 min cardio: 10 sprints

Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Catch up:

Feeling good and seeing a nice slow drop in scale and bodyfat over the last few days.
People are starting to notice the face changes, LOL

Today was an off but cardio only day.

Last two workouts were solid, as I did the push press for shoulders for the first time in a very long time, brought a great pump and burn. For the quad workout, all gains from the first round, but took it easy with squatting since my low back was really tight.


Delts and biceps

Push press: 3 warms, 115/6 125/7,6,6 drop set
Side lateral up/downs: 3x
Rear delt raise ss
with Db shrugs: 3x
In db curl: 2 warms, 40/7,6,6 drop set
Cable curl: 1 warm, 50/10,9
21's: 2x
Ab work: 5 sets
15 min cooldown
27 min cardio - 10 sprints.


Leg ext: 3 warms, 80/11,10
Hack squat: 3 warms, 235/6 260/10 drop set
Squat: 2 warms, 225/5 245/5 265/5
Walk db lunge: 2 warms, 60/6,12
Sumo squat ss
with sissy squat: 2 x
15 min cooldown
27 min cardio

Friday, February 10, 2012


Hammy workout:

New round always brings new energy. Decided to take out regular deads this time for Romanian deads. This allows more focus on the hamstrings and more of a feel then regular deads. All in all great start...

Leg curl: 2 warms, 55/6 65/6,5,5
RSLD: 3 warms, 255/8,11
1 leg-leg curl: 2 warms, 37/10,8
Reverse bar lunge: 1 warm, 115/6 135/10
x reps leg curl: 35/12,10
15 min cooldown

27 min ss cardio

Weigh in: lost .5 from last week.

Chest and triceps workout:

Nice training today as I reset the flat db presses to get some momentum. I plan on micro loading this movement. Energy is great and pushed though....

Flat db press: 3 warms, 90/6 95/8,7,6
Chest dips: 1 warms, 2 chains/8,10,9,9
In db press: 65/11,10,9,9
Slight In db fly: 50/10,9 drop set
Ly db ext: 2 warms, 30/6,6 drop set
Tricep pressdown: 55/8 45/12,11 35/15
1 arm oh ext: 20 x 2
Ab work
15 min cooldown

27 min cardio - 10 sprints

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Back and calves workout:

Nice solid training with a good pump. Great energy and looking to increase the weight next round.
Simple as that!!!

Close puildown: 3 warm, s145/8 150/8,9
Bent over row: 2 warms, 205/6 215/7,8 drop set
Lat pulldown wide: 110/9,8 100/9 85/15
1 arm db row: 85/8,10,10
Db bent over row: 50/15,16
Calf work: 8 sets
15 min cooldown

27 min cardio, 10 sprints

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Quads and abs workout:

New round and felt good. Just finishing up a new beta product by Beyond Nutrition, and I think the right dose is nailed down. Good starting numbers with this workout and looking forward to making gains over the next few weeks.
Diet is pretty much the same, with no real changes. Added a couple minutes to the cardio but again, no drastic changes. Letting the body adjust..

Squat: 4 warms 285/3 315/3 325/3,4 drop set
Hack squat: 3 warms, 225/8 250/8 drop set
Leg ext: 1 warm, 70/12 75/11 drop set
Walking db lunge: 1 warm, 50/6,12
dropped into Sissy squats, 2 sets
Ab work: 3 ss
15 min cool down

27 cardio

Monday, February 06, 2012

Update time!

Training has been solid over the last few days as I have been doing more an instinctive style. Tomorrow starts a new round of exercises and will post up the workouts again.
In addition, simply been busy with clients in person and online along with family stuff. All good stuff.
Progress is moving in the right direction. Body weight was a low this past Saturday since kicking it up right after the Holidays. Content but not satisfied. This month will be key in making progress to set up the last two months before the show. I am eager and excited to see what I look like!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Mighty good workout this afernoon and didnt shy away from the volume. Faster tempo with less rest between sets as now I just listen to my body and when I am ready I go.

Underhand pullups: 5 sets to fail
T bar row: 3 warms 180/6 225/7 180/13 135/16
Lat pulldown wide: 100/8,9,9 85/13,12
Bent over row over hand: 2 warms, 175/8,7 drop set
Str arm pulldown: 45/12,14,12
Calf work: 8 sets
15 min cooldown

25 min cardio, 7 sprints

After a good day off I was excited to hit it hard again.
In addition to resetting the deads and chest presses, I did the same for the squats.
Following my own rep scheme doing triples. This is where I am comfortable and simply like doing it.
The body weight and fat are both trending down slowly which is ideal.
I will have a real check in Saturday with an update on the the numbers and such.

Here is yesterdays workout and sore from it! LOL

Squat: 5 warms, 285/3 315/3 320/3,3 drop set
Leg press: 3 warms, 450/12,12
Step bar lunge: 2 warms 135/6,10
Leg ext: 1 warms, 75/12 80/12 drop sets
Ab work: 3 ss
15 min cooldown

25 min cardio