Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Nice workout today as I mixed things up again. Strength is good and had a great pump.
Forearm is still tender so I was carefull doing bicep work.

1 arm cable curl: 2 warms, 27/10,8
1 arm press down: 2 warms, 25/10,8,8
Close grip curl: 1 warm,75/10 85/8 drop set
Dips: BW/10 15/11 25/11 drop set
Alt Db Curl: 30/10,11
Tri Bar Ext: 55/15 65/11
Side ab workout: 6 sets

Monday, July 30, 2007


Late night workout for me, but energy was high. Plus, did two back movements that have not done in a while. T bar rows and db deads!

Lat Under: 3 warms, 130/8 140/7,6 drop set
T bar rows: 2 warms, 160/8,7 115/12
Db deads: 1 warm, 115/8,9
Lat wide pulldown: 95/12,10

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chest and Abs:

Good workout in Ocean City, NJ


Rest Day

Friday, July 27, 2007

Check in: 154, down 1 pound
BF: Handheld, 7.7
Calipers: 3.8 down a total of 1mm.


Led off with squats for the first time in over two months!
Didn't move a lot of weight, but I went ATG and the workout was great. Fried the quads.

Squat: 2 warms, 185/10 225/8 255/6 275/5 225/10
Leg Press: 270/15 360/16 405/12
Walk Lung: 45 xs
ss with
Leg Ext: 2 x
Ab work: 5 sets

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Delts and Bi's:

Made some gains with today's training. But I did take it easy on the biceps since my left forearm pain is acting up. So I just did some light curls.

Db delt press: 3 warms, 75/8,7 65/10
Front raise ss seated side lateral: 3x
Db Shrug: 85/12,12,11 65/14
Light Biceps: 6 sets

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back and Hams:

Feeling in the zone! Another strong workout, and went heavier on the deads. Still not close to were I was pre back injury but it was good.

Lat Pulldown wide: 3 warms, 140/7 145/7 drop set
Deads: 3 warms, 275/6 315/6,6 225 on plate for 10 reps
Db Bench Row ss with close cable row: 3 sets
Leg Curl: 4 sets to failure with light weight.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chest and Tri's

Great workout today! For a couple of weeks, the energy levels were low, but now they are sky rocketing.

In db press: 2 warms, 85/6 95/6,4 75/10
Flat Bar: 2 warm, 185/7,6 drop set
In db fly: 45/10,11,10
Tri Pressdown: 1 warm, 60/9,8,7
Db Ext: 30/5 25/8 20/11
Up ab work: 5 sets

Did some posing last night for the first time hard. My hams are sore today!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Quads and Calves:

Decided to train today when it was a scheduled off day for two reasons. My family went down the shore and there is nothing to do around the house, and the second reason, I am heading over my parents for a pasta dinner! So training quads, I can take in more carbs!!!!!!

Great workout today. Mixed up the order from last quad workout since the low back was a bit tight, but in the end it didn't hold me back.

Leg Ext: 2 warms, 85/11 90/10
Leg Press: 1 warm, 360/15 450/13, 11
Front Squat: 2 warms, 205/6,7
Walk Lunge: 35/15
Calf work: 8 sets
Low ab work: 4 sets


Delts and Biceps:

Trained early in the morning, slow getting moving, but effective workout.

Db Delt Press: 2 warms, 65/10 75/7,7,6
Front Raise ss with seated side lateral: 3 x
Db Shrugs: 1 warwm, 85/9,9 drop set
Short Bar curl: 1 warm, 90/7,8,7
1 arm preacher curl: 25/14,12

Friday, July 20, 2007

Check in 14 weeks:

BW = 155
BF Handheld: 7.4 percent
Happy with current results, hoping this is the accurate trend of losing body fat. As I stated, the goal is NOT to LOSE as much muscle I did last year. We will see next week if the results continue.

Back and Hams:

Brought in light bars deads, felt good, but stayed within limits.

Lat Pulldown: 2 warms, 135/8 140/6,6 drop set
Deads: 2 warms, 225/8 255/8 275/8
Db bench row
ss with
close cable row: 3x
Leg Curl: 2 warms, 40/6 drop set
Db LC: 2 sets
Upper ab work: 4 sets

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chest and Triceps:

In(4) Db Press: 2 warms, 75/8 85/8,8,7
Flat Bar Press: 2 warms, 185/7,5 2 drops
In Db Fly: 45/10 50/8 45/9
Tricep Pressdown:1 warm, 60/10 70/7 drop set
Db Ext Lying: 30/6 25/8 20/11

All in all a good workout.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Quads and Calves:

Did some front squats after leg extensions, and it went well. Not so much the weight, but very humid here today and it was tough to breath between sets!
So it was a good workout, but not the best.

Leg Ext: 2 warms, 80/12 85/10
Front Squat: 2 warms, 225/4,5 135/13
Leg Press: 1 warm, 360/12 405/12
Walk Lunge: 35/6, this irritated the back so I stopped.
Calves: 1 warm, singles with 45/10,6 then a mix of sets
Low ab work: 4 sets

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rest Day!

And it was needed.
Since injuring my lower back, the workout have been off a bit. Looking foward to pound the quads tomorrow. Its still a little sore, but going to try front squats tomorrow.
Also, I foget to check in last Friday. I did weigh myself Sat morning at 155.5, so down a little bit. But I forgot to BF myself. Next time.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Nice workout today.

Side Lateral: 2 warms, 40/8 50/6 40/11 30/12
Incline Db delt Press: 1 warm, 75/10,9,7
Trap Bar shrug: 1 warm, 175/10,9
Db Shrug: 75/11 65/11
Rear delt raise: 1 warm, 20/11,11
Side ab work: 6 sets
10 min lighr cardio

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Felt good today, the back is just about right. Made some gains, But the tendonitis is acting up again below my left elbow. If its not one thing its another.

In Db Curl: 2 warms, 40/8 45/6 drop set
Close Bench: 2 warms, 185/6,6 drop set
Cable Curl: 2 warm, 60/7 50/10
Tricep Press: 2 warms, 75/8 65/10
Con Curl: 30/13,11
Kick Back: 20/15 25/14

Friday, July 13, 2007


The low back is about 90 percent better. I had all the intention to stay away from any rows or deads, but after a couple of exercises I did really light Db Deads. With these there are less restriction. So, for my next back workout, I will test the waters with them.
Mixed it up and made some gains. A really good pump and burn!

Pull ups: 10,9,8,6,5
Db Bench Row: 1 warm, 75/9,8 65/10
Lat Pulldown under: 85/12 95/10,10
Db Deads: 45/10 55/10 65/12
1 arm cable row: 45/12
Upper ab work: 4 sets

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Pretty good workout today and made somes gains from last chest workout. Again the back is getting better, but still going to take caution for a few more days.

In Db Fly: 2 warms, 55/10 65/8,8
Flat Bar: 2 warm, 195/8 200/7 drop set
Chest Dips: 3 sets to failure
In Db Press: 40/11,10,10

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Started off with Leg Press today and tried to go heavy. The back is feeling better, but I have not done heavy leg presses in a long time! The workout was effective but didnt handle much weight. In addition, it is extremly humid today, so right from the start, is was tough breathing.

Leg Press: 2 warms, 450/10 540/8 585/6 450/12
1 leg press: 135/11
Leg Ext: 2 warms, 80/9 drop set
Hack Squat: 1 warm, 180/8,10 90/17
Low ab work: 4 sets.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rest day!

The back is getting better, but still very tight in the morning.
For the next week, I will still be carefull and aviod and low back stability movements.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Good workout today!

Side Lateral: 2 warms, 40/8 45/8 50/6 2 drop sets
Mid Db Delt Press: 1 warm, 75/9,8,7
Trap Bar Shrug: 1 warm, 185/11,10 drop set
Rear delt raise: 1 warm, 20/12,11

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hams and Calves:

When doing the leg curl today, I kept on an angle since its easier on the low back. Although its harder and can not move as much weight, it was still effective.

Angled Leg Curl: 2 warms, 40/6,5 drop sets
Wide Leg Press: 2 warms, 315/12 360/12 270/15
Leg Curl Db: 35/12,9,8
Calf Raise: 115/22,15,13
BW: 2 sets to failure, then singles to failure

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Pretty good workout considering I trained with only one meal in me.

In Db Curl: 2 warms, 40/8 45/6 35/11
Close Grip Bench: 2 warms, 165/9 185/6 165/10
Cable Curl: 40/10 50/12 55/7
Tri Pressdown: 50/10 65/10 75/7
Alt Db Curl: 35/9,7
Db Tri Ext.: 30/10,8
Floor side ab work: 4 sets

Friday, July 06, 2007


Again still tight in the low back, but not any worse. Today I did mostly cable movements and no power back exercises. It was a good mix. Up until I injured my back, I was doing multiple compound movements per week including deads, still leg deads, and rows. I just feel that is finally caught to me and this is just a little break.

Pull ups:
Lat Pull under grip: 100/10 110/9,8 drop set
Rope Pulldown: 85/11,10,9,9
1 arm cable row: 45/12,10,10

Check in at 16 weeks out.
BW: 156.5
BF: Handheld= 8.4, Calipers: 4.8, the total number went down 1mm from 3 weeks ago.

Hoping to do pictures this weekend.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Well, the legs are sore from yesterday!

I mixed the order for the routine today since the back is still tight.

In Db Fly: 2 warms, 50/11 55/11,12
Flat Bar: 2 warms, 185/8 195/6 drop set
Dips: 3 sets to failure
Slight In Db Press: 55/9,8 45/10

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The back is still sore so I avoided squating today, but was able to pull off hack squats.
All in all a great quad workout, and hoping to be sore tomorrow.

1 Leg Press: 2 warms, 180/10,10 droped with close stance
Hack Squat: 2 warms, 225/8 235/8
Leg Ext: 60/12 70/10 70/8 then quick drop
Split Squat: 85/15,15

Happy 4th!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Delts and Bi's:

Took it easy today and stayed away from any movement that would compress the low back.
All in all an effective workout.

Side lateral: 2 warms, 40/8 45/7,7 2 drops
Rear delt raise on bench: 1 warm, 20/9,8,8
Front Raise on floor: 1 warm, 20/8,9 drop set
1 arm preacher curl: 1 warm, 35/10,9
In Db Curl: 30/11,10,10,9
Side ab work: 4 sets each side.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Back and Hams:

The low back is still tight, so I avoided T bar deads.
Nice pump today.

Lat pulldown wide: 3 warms, 150/6,6 drop set
Db Bench Row: 65/10 75/8,8 65/9
Rope Pulldow: 75/12 80/11,10,10
High Pulldown: 35/12 40/10
Angled Leg Curl: 2 warms, 40/7,6 drop set
LC with Ball: 2 sets to failure.