Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Back and hams workout:

After a few day break on a mini vacation, I was back at it! Sorry for the pun.
I would like to say well rested but traveled all day yesterday and then up late catching up with emails and clients. I did get some rest and had a great time with my wife. First time without the kids was nice but I did miss them a lot!

Solid workout and the batteries where ready to go!

T bar rows: 3 warms, 180/5 205/5,8,9 drop to 135/20
Lat pulldown under: 2 warms, 130/8,8
Pullover ss: 65 70 75
with Rope pulldown: 100x3
1 arms cable pulldown: 50/10,9,9
Leg curl: 2 warms 55/8 60/6 65/5 double drop sets

17 min cardio

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