Friday, July 06, 2007


Again still tight in the low back, but not any worse. Today I did mostly cable movements and no power back exercises. It was a good mix. Up until I injured my back, I was doing multiple compound movements per week including deads, still leg deads, and rows. I just feel that is finally caught to me and this is just a little break.

Pull ups:
Lat Pull under grip: 100/10 110/9,8 drop set
Rope Pulldown: 85/11,10,9,9
1 arm cable row: 45/12,10,10

Check in at 16 weeks out.
BW: 156.5
BF: Handheld= 8.4, Calipers: 4.8, the total number went down 1mm from 3 weeks ago.

Hoping to do pictures this weekend.

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