Friday, March 04, 2011


Quads and calves:

Progression is a good thing, and it moves on! I was happy with the workout and did a little extra then what was planned. Looking back two years ago at this time, I set some nice squat numbers up at certain body weight. The goal is to beat them!
And this time I did get on video the 225 rep out set, and banged 26 this time. Next time will work with 275 and see what I can do.

Squat: 5 warms, 335/3 365/2 385/3 395/2 225/26
Leg press: 2 warms, 325/12,15
Leg ext Occlusion sets: 1 warm, 50 x 3
Bar lunge: 135/6,8,10
Donkey calf raises: 2 warm, 90/16,14,12 2 drop sets

17 min cardio

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