Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Shoulder and biceps workout:

Very high energy and felt fantastic. Faster tempo but enough rest to make gains from last round. Switched up the bicep movements a tad and it was very effective.
The diet is kicking and the progression is moving in the right direction.

Stand shoulder press (knee's locked): 2 warms, 115/8 130/8,8 95/12
Side lateral cable: 2 warms, 25/9,9
Front raise w/plate: 45 50 55
ss with Seated side lateral: 22 x3
Close grip bar curl: 2 warms, 90/8 10/8,8 drop set
1 arm cable curl: 1 warm, 20/11 22/13
Ab work: 4 supersets

27 min cardio


Complete rest day.

Side note: Due to the recent effectiveness of the plan, I will be adding a second high carb day to my training, This will be done on Quad/calf day.

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