Saturday, March 19, 2011


Quads and calves workout:

Will today was a strange day. Didnt sleep well the night before, was up early and work with a lot of clients before the workout. I wanted to get this workout in since my I knew I couldnt train the next day. Long story short, I started off slowly, with the goal of squat 430 today, up 5 pound from just 5 days ago. Felt good as I went on, and after I did 415, it was not so bad. So I geared up and banged out 435! The only issue was the video didnt work. I was pissed off since this was a best for me at my weight. Therefore, we less rest, I added 5 pounds, and nailed 440 at a bw of 158. Since hitting this goal, I will scale down, reset and work on reps of 5's.

Squat: 6 warms, 365/3 395/1 415/1 435/1 440/1 triple drop set.
Leg ext: 2 warms, 90/10 95/9
Front squat w/chains: 2 warm, 215/5 225/8
Sissy squat: 1 warm, 35/20,18
Calf work: 6 sets

17 min cardio


Off day, may do cardio.

Weigh - ih: 157.5
I will be adding carbs to one of my workout days.

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