Monday, December 20, 2010


Chest and tricep workout:

Decent workout. Struggled on the flat db presses. Just a pain in the butt getting the db's in place. Thinking after this round, I will be resetting and going lighter with my own rep scheme. The rest of the workout was solid and made some nice gains.

Flat db press: 3 warms, 95/3 105/3 115/3
In bar press: 2 warm,s 175/8 180/8 drop set
Slight incline db x reps: 65 x 3 sets
Hammer grip pu: 2 x
Tricep Rope ext: 1 warm, 45/8 50/6 40/10
Dips: 3 sets to fail
Reverse pressdown: 40/12 45/12

Split cardio
15 min
25 min

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