Friday, May 13, 2011


Nice finish to the first round of 5's on the JN. Nothing exciting to report, but happy with the progress and pump that I got today. A good start and ready to make gains. Tomorrow is rest day with lots of plans. Clients, posing class and then out to dinner for my wife's b day. I may do cardio if time permits.

Delt press: 2 warms, 70/5,5,5,5,5,12
1 arm cable side lateral: 2 warms, 27/9 30/9
Front raise plate ss: 45 50 55
with seated lateral: 20 x 3
Hammer curl: 3 warms 50/5 52/8
Close bar curl: 1 warm, 90/9 100/10
1 arm cable curl: 20/11,12

Split cardio

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