Thursday, January 13, 2011


Back and calves workout:

Made some nice gains from last workout, with a faster tempo. Happy with the feel of the training and added some abs into it. More ab work is a goal of mine from now to showtime. Just going to hit them more often but not really long duration. The forearm is still tender and was careful on the pulldowns.

Bent over rows: 4 warms, 225/6 245/5,6 drop set
Lat pulldown wide: 1 warms, 110/8,9,8
Db bench row ss: 75 80 85 85
with str pulldowns: 40 x 4
Seated row: 1 warm, 100/11 110/10
Seated calf work: 3 warms, 90/15,13,12 3 burn out sets
Ab work: 5 sets

25 min cardio

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