Tuesday, July 05, 2011

July 5th

After a couple of weeks of finishing up the 4 day split with instinctive training, I am ready to move on. I will be using my 5 day split and will apply the Juggernaut rep scheme to the main movements. They include, Front Squat, Db Chest Press, Stiff leg deads, and Seated Shoulder press with a bar. Very excited to see how I progress.

As far as competing, things have changed for the fall. For many reasons (personal and profressional), and not one of them is the fear of not being ready, it looks like I will push it till the spring. Even though I did eat freely on vacation, it was not too damaging, but I plan on getting down to a certain point and will make the decision. Either I will keep on going and do a local show or diet up and stay with in striking distance while keeping my strength up.

And that is the truth!

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