Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Back and calves:

Forgot how much I dig just doing back without deads. Dont get me wrong, deads are a staple, but doing just a day of rows is killa. The pump and focus were on today brought to you by Strike! Faster tempo just because I felt great. FYI, my legs are very sore from yesterdays training!

Pull ups: 5 sets to failure
T bar row: 3 warms, 205/8 215/8 160/17
Lat pulldown underhand: 2 warms, 120/11 130/9
Db bench row ss: 65x3
with Str arm pulldowns: 35x3
Calf work: 2 warms, seated singles 4 sets, 2 burn sets

Split cardio


Dwayne said...

Is TFB starting up again?

Joe Franco said...

Yes sir!!