Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Shoulder and Bicep workout:

Great start to this round and I applied the Juggernaut to the seated db press. I used a fairly light 1 rep max to start but the higher volume first part was tough!! Doing 5 sets or 10 reps really fatique the delts. A good thing. Another plus is that the bicep work is up since last time a did incline db curls. The forearm is still tender but much better. Tomorrow is a rest day and I need it!!! Been a week since I took off. And its looks like I will schedule a couple more days off over the next week to cathch up. Overall very happy.

Db shoulder press: 2 warms, 60/10,10,10,10,10
Front raise barbell: 2 warms, 75/8,10
Side lateral descent sets: 35 25 15 x 3
Db shrug: 1 warms, 95/10 100/11 burn set
In db curls: 2 warms, 40/6 42/6,7
Cable curl: 1 warms 55/10 60/10
Con curl: 30/10 25/14
Ab work: 3 ss

28 min cardio

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