Monday, April 04, 2011


Back and hammy workout:

Was debating in taking a rest day since I am more sore from Sat workout then yesterday. But that didnt happen and pushed forward since I will take off Wed and most likely Sat of this week. So I will apply the Juggernaut rep scheme for deads also. The only difference, is that it will be done after 3 back movements!!! I have not done reg deads in a while, so it felt good to get back into it. I am using 440 rep max scheme even though my best was 455 last fall.

Lat pulldown underhand: 3 warms, 140/8 150/7,7 burn set
T bar row: 3 warms, 190/6 200/6 drop set
Rope pulldown: 1 warm, 110/10 115/10,9
Deads: 3 warms, 240/10,10,10,10,10
Db leg curl: 2 warms, 55/8 57/7
Leg curl: 35/12,10

18 min cardio

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