Friday, October 22, 2010


Chest and tricep workout:

Nothing too exciting for its a deload workout on the flat db press.
Happy with the number all round and did the job.

Flat db press: 2 wamrs, 75/5 85/5,13
In bar press: 2 warm,s 175/8 180/6 drop set
In db fly: 1 warm, 55/10,10
Rack pu's: 2 x to fail
Rope Pressdown: 2 warms, 50/8 55/8 drop set
Tricep dips: 3 sets to failure
Reverse pressdown: 45/12,12

25 min cardio


Dead and hamstring workout:

Was a deload workout and did some higher rep deads.
Did 335 for 15 and then 10 reps

Rest day, went to the Yorton cup to support some clients


Shoulder and bicep workout

Stuck with higher reps and faster tempo. Nice workout.
Looking forward to the new wave and rotation tomorrow.

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