Friday, August 06, 2010


Deads and hamstrings:

Sinlge out for the deads workout. I am thinking to make a bigger then 10 pound increase for the next wave to challenge myself. The 385 was pretty easy, and then I went balls out on the second set. Did the 385 for 9 reps, a PR for me. Again, no straps. Rest of the workout was solid.

Deads: 4 warms, 315/5 355/3 385/1,9
Glute ham assisted: 4 sets
Good Mornings: 2 warms, 125/10 135/10
Db leg curl: 40/11 45/9 40/10
In/Out thigh work: 4 sets
ss with calve and abs

15 min cardio

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