Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Great workout today and toasted the arms. Made gains from last week.

1 arm cable curl: 2 warm, 27/10,9
1 arm tri press: 2 warm, 25/11,10
Close bar curl: 70/10 90/8,7 drop set
Dips: bw/10 25/10,9 drop set
Alt Db Curl: 35/10,9
Bar Ext: 55/13 65/11

Side ab work: 5 sets each side.

10 sprints later in the day followed by some posing.


miked said...

Joe -

Do you use the sprints for quad and ham separation? I may begin walking uphill on treadmill soon to bring out my ham/glute tie in. My glutes are a weak point right now - is this a good idea?

Mike Deagle

Joe said...

If you are talking about bf on top of the glutes, than the sprints may help, but all in all its the diet!