Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back and Delts

Nice workout today. Feeling better each day but was tired since I was up at 5am with little Anthony!
Went back to T Bar deads and took it easy since the last time I did these back in early July I threw out my back.
I have not done delts afte a back workout, and they were toast before I started the shrugs. I couldnt move as much weight doing the delt exercises but the pump was really good.

Pull Ups: 10,9,7,5
Trap bar deads: 2 warms, 295/8,10
Lat Pull under grip: 1 warm, 100/10,9,8
Db Shrugs: 75/12,11,9,8
Front Raise Bar ss with Seated Side Lateral: 3 x

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