Friday, August 31, 2007

Rest Day!

Check in
BW: 149
BF: Hand held, 5.8 percent
I will do the calipers later today.
Just did the 3 spot calipers.
Total number was 12 was = 3.8 percent.
I am not expecting for this to move much more, maybe 1 to 2 mm more.

The good news is the my weight has level off from eating the extra carbs.
But the bad news is being at this weight a little to early since I still have 8 weeks to go.

3 weeks ago I was at 152, so I guess droping close to three fat pounds is not bad. I would like to stay at this weight or just a drop of 1/2 for the next week.


miked said...

You are a freak my man!

Joe Franco said...

Thanks Mike, trying over here to not disapear!

miked said...

That's doubtful - although you do outweigh me now:) Probably not for long! Damn, me and my little muscles! I am going to keep blaming my smallness on the small bones versus lack of muscle, it sounds better!