Friday, June 29, 2007

Quads and Calves:

The lower back is tight and sore from the deads a couple of days ago. So, instead of doing really high reps on the leg press, I used 15 reps as the mark. All in all a great intense quad workout.

Leg Press: 180/15 270/15 360/15 435/15,12 270/20
1 leg press: 135/9
Leg Ext: 75/8 85/8 90/8 drop set
Walk Lunge: 40/6 45/6 50/12
Calf work: 5 sets
Low ab work: 3 sets

Check in:

BW: 157
BF: 8.5 (hand held)

These numbers make more sense compared to last week. So in just a months time, I have lost close to a pound per week, and most of it from body fat.

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