Thursday, August 25, 2011


Shoulder and bicep workout:

New round and I always dig that. The JN 5's were not hard as I got 12 reps on the last set. Pump and burn were on point.

Shoulder press: 3 warms, 150/5,5,5,5,5,12
Side lateral descent sets: 3x from 35
Steering wheels: 4 x with 35
Upright row cable: 2 warms, 60/12,11
Hammer curl: 2 warms, 60/8,9
Close grip curl ss
with 1 arm cable curls: 3 x

25 min cardio

Tomorrow is a scheduled off day and Saturday is a non training day also.
I have my show that I promote each August. The OCB Mid Atlantic Battle for the Belt.
If your in New Jersey check it out.

The only change to the show is that the evening portion will start earlier due
to the weather.

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