Sunday, August 14, 2011


Complete rest day.

Posing class, and then went back to my house with most of the people
who took class and they each got a free spray tan by my wife. Her new business


Shoulder and bicep workout:

Early morning workout, and test out for the seated bar press. Goal was 170 for 8's and got 12 good reps out. Mixed up the routine a bit since my kids were hanging in the gym, but all in all felt great and got a decent pump.

Seat bar press: 4 warms, 170/12
Db Shrug: 1 warms, 100/12,11,10 drop set
Front raise ss: 60 70 75
with side lateral: 25 25 20
Stand Db press: 40/12,14
Cable curl: 2 warm, 60/8 70/11 75/9
Db alt curl: 40/8 45/7 35/10
Con curl: 25/20

25 min cardio

Tomorrow starts deload. Just will back off the main lift a little bit but will hit the rest of the workouts hard.

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