Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Dead and hammy day:

Deload workout but whack out some high reps with 300.

Solid workout as the hammy is much better.

Deads: 4 warms, 275/5 300/5,20
Leg curl: 2 warms, 55/8,6 drop set
Wide leg press: 2 warms, 270/12 315/12
Stiff leg db: 1 warm, 95/10 105/10
In/out thigh: 4 sets

15 min cardio


Delt and biceps workout.

Really mixed it and didnt push it to much. My neck is sore and tight. Along with sinus problems right now, my head feels like its going to explode. Well see what tomorrow brings.
Did the job and got my burn on with 20 min cardio.

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