Sunday, September 12, 2010


Deads and hams workout.

Really solid workout with the new round of deads. For the second heavy set, I will only match the number prescribed. I dont want to pop another hammy!! I was able to exceed the reverse lunge weight I did over a month ago. I am doing the alternative percentages that the 531 program offers. This version the working sets are closer and higher in perspective to the one rep max.

Deads: 4 warms, 285/5 330/5 350/5 370/5,5
Db leg curl: 1 warms, 45/8 50/9,10
Reverse lunge: 2 warms, 115/6 135/6
Stiff leg w/chains: 1 warm, 185/12 205/12
In/out thigh ss with calf work: 4 sets

15 min cardio

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