Friday, September 14, 2007

Check In, 6 weeks out.

BW: 148.5
BF: calipers: 3.5, handheld: 6
Not much change but still a head of the game from last year.
But the interesting thing is my strength is still up and increasing compared to last year! So that is very encouraging.
Content with my progress, but I will be pushing it from here on.
I will be adding 3 HIIT cardio sessions per week.

Rest Day: HIIT cadrio, 10 sprints

10 minute posing at night

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miked said...

Joe -

Why are you adding 3 HIIT sessions to your week? How long are they - will you be doing just the 10 sprints or 7 minutes on the bike? Should I be doing this too?

I am just wondering because do you not think you are lean enough at this point?