Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not sure where I left off, but here goes!

Sunday June 19th.
Complete rest day.
Was off the diet for Fathers Day, and it felt good.

For this and next week, I will continue to do the four day split until I am back from vacation. The workouts are more instinctive for these two weeks, but all is good as I am very sore from yesterdays Quads/calves workout!!!

Here is what I did exercise wise,
Leg Press: 10 sets
Bar lunge: 5 sets (worked up to 2 sets with 175)
Leg ext ss
with sumo db squat: 4 sets
Calf work: 5 sets

Split cardio.

Today June 21st, I nailed out a solid Chest and Tricep workout.

Flat db press: worked up to 110's for two sets of 5!
In bench: 4 sets
IN db press: 3 sets
Rack push ups: 2 sets
Rope press down: 3 set
Dip: 3 set
Bar ext: 3 sets

Split cardio

Tomorrow I will hit Back and hams before going to NY for a couple of days.
Thursday will be an off day, and back to instinctive training!

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