Friday, December 30, 2011

The last two days of training were great!!!!

Well rested shows in the training for sure. And just starting to feel like I am hitting a groove.

The chest and triceps workout was nice and made the numbers I set out for myself,
but the flat pressing is getting hard. Will need a spot!! LOL

And today was hammy time. I wrecked my hamstring and hit a new PR,

Chest and triceps

Flat press: 4 warms 210/3 225/3 240/3,3
Slight in db press: 1 warm, 75/8,10,10,9,8 (under min rest for each set)
In db fly: 50/10,11,10
Push ups: 2 x to fail
Rope pressdown: 37/10,11,10,10,9
Tricep dips: 4 set to fail

25 min cardio 4-20sec sprints

Dead and hams

Dead lift: 4 warms, 315/3 350/3 370/3 390/8
Db split squat: 2 warm, 55/10 65/10
Leg curl: 50/8,9,8 drop set
Good mornings: 2 warm, 140/10,14

20 min cardio

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