Thursday, December 22, 2011


Chest and tricep workout:

First round for the 531 on chest and was challenging. I think I need a spotter soon, or I might be in trouble soon, lol.. Great workout, and used the beta form of Beyond Nutrition's next pre workout powder. I have not used in a while and with little left, I can feel the difference.

Flat press: 4 warms, 200/5 215/5 225/5,5 burn set
Slight in db press: 1 warms, 75/8,8,7 drop set
In db fly: 1 warm, 50/10,12
Push ups: 2 set to fail
Rope pressdown: 35/10,10,10,9,9
Tri dips: 3 sets to fail

25 min cardio with 5 20 sec sprints.

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