Monday, September 05, 2011


Back and calve workout:

Early workout due to plans today and hanging with the family.
Fast tempo workout with a fantastic pump. Nailed some personal best on the db bench row. Nice moment since it takes away the low back pressure.

Dv bench row: 4 warm, 85/8 95/9,8 drop set
Chin ups: 4 sets to failure
Lat wide: 1 warm, 110/11,10,10
Bent over row chains: 1 warms, 185/10 205/10,11
High pulldown: 1 warm, 40/12 45/12
calf raises: 8 sets

Cardio: 25 min


Chest and tricep workout:

Test out set for the flat db presses. I can say this was hard and I am right were I should be. I was able to squeeze out one more rep for 6 on the 110's. The rest of the workout was nailed as I had a great night's sleep. Felt strong!

Flat db press: 4 warms, 100/2 110/6
In db press: 2 warms 85/9,10
Flat bench chains: 1 warms, 165/10 175/8,9
Rack push ups: 3 sets
Bar ext: 2 warms, 65/11,9
Close pressdown: 50/11,10,9

25 min cardio

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