Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Quads and abs workout:

Was looking forward to this workout as its the last one for the JN 3's and test out.
Going in I had a lot going on mentally and not feeling 100 percent. Its happens. I was able to get the prescribed 3 reps with 315 but not my goal of 5 reps. Just couldn't hold on to the bar. Again, it happens. From that result, I torched my quads out of frustration and made increases from last workout.

Front squat: 6 warms, 295/1 315/3
1 leg pres: 2 warms, 160/8 180/10
Squat: 2 warms, 245/5 265/10
Leg ext: 1 warm, 80/12 85/10
Sissy squat: 2 x failure
Ab work

20 min cardio

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