Sunday, November 07, 2010

Summary of last two workouts.

11/6 Quads/ab
11/7 Back/calves

All is well and the body fat is coming off at a really slow pace. Oddly, this is my goal to set myself up for competing some time next year.

With the improvements of my deadlifts, I think its taking a slight toll on my squating. My lower back has been very tight and it did inhibit my heavy squats the other day.

Since I dig the deads and the numbers are still increasing, I will keep them in. The change for the next wave will be switching out squats for Front Squats and apply the 531. Change is good, as I have lead off with reg squats for well over 20 quad workouts.

I was content with doing 435 for a single at the bw of 163. But now is time to hit the fronts as start fresh. The goal for the single will be 385!!

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