Thursday, November 03, 2011


Quads and abs:

Was really charged up for the fact of doing a new routine and the second round of 531. Nailed the workout and in fact, added the weight wrong and did 5 more pounds on the working sets!! LOL The jump squat really finished them off. The workout really thrashed the quads and even cramped up on the cooldown cardio. I had to spend a few minutes stretching..

Squat: 4 warms, 285/5 305/5 325/5.5
Leg press: 3 warms, 450/10,14
Bar lunge: 2 warms, 155/6,8
Leg ext: 1 warms, 70/12,15
Jump squats: 25/10 30/10 35/10
Ab work: 4 sets

20 min cardio

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